Ripple Effect.

This isn’t any ordinary story about a good girl that gets the bad boy and turns him good, this isn’t a fairytale with a happy ending… This is my story. For a change you won’t be reading about the girl who wants the guy, it’s all about me. I despise the whole “basic high school girls” like gosh, they are all just the same copies and man are they fake but since i despise that everyone seems to hate me. I’ve noticed that every high school has a golden rule that some know and some are too busy with their fake friends to see. The golden rule at Crossroad High is all about survival of the fittest. So, on to the main idea of my little storytelling is to show everyone how I figured out about this “survival of the fittest” rule and I will tell you the story on how I died.

The sunlight flared into my room as I groaned, tucking my head further into the pillow. The light was so bright even with my eyes closed, oh how I regretted not closing my blinds last night. Glancing at my clock with zero motivation to get up and attend class, I realize that I’ve got twenty minutes to get my butt out of my house before I’m late for school again. Being late has become such a regular thing for me, My teachers have threatened to give me an in-school suspension if I’m late to another foods class. I didn’t care about school, I know I probably should care about my education but honestly, I could care less. With that I felt the need to stay home. I didn’t wanna deal with people at school or the rude remarks they would make. I needed me time.

Unplugging my phone from the charger and pressed a social media app. It didn’t take me long to find a video of myself, it was a video collage of me dancing with a guy at a party. Rather than finishing the video I scrolled to lower the page to the comment section. Perhaps a bullet would’ve been less agonizing then what I read. There was words calling me dirty things, people saying the worst about me as they absolutely could.

Pounding filled my ears I drop my phone. It didn’t take more than a few seconds of my breathing to follow in gasps. No… No. No. No. I couldn’t have a panic attack right now. There was no way I’d ever get myself to calm down, not alone at least. I couldn’t relapse now.. no one was home to help. The bullying at school had turned into a constant thing for me, two years ago it had been this bad and I had severe panic attacks and this was my first one since. I knew things had been getting bad again, I had just refused to believe it. I reached in in my medicine cabinet and twisted off the cab of my anxiety pills. I swallowed two of them, then slammed the bottle back on the shelf, but the bottle beside it caught my attention. The sleeping pills seemed to invite me as I took the bottle in my shaking grasp. Sleep. Yes. Surely sleep was what I needed, I would wake up and it would be just another bad dream. It was all too surreal to be reality.

I shook up three tablets and turn on the sink for water to swap them down with, but the medicine wasn’t working fast enough. Why wasn’t my medicine working? I swallowed five more sleeping pills, but five turned to ten and ten rolled to fifteen. For an unforeseen reason I couldn’t stop. I understood in the back of my mind I need to stop, but it was about as dull and lifeless as I felt. When I ran out of pills to swallow I returned to my room where the furniture swayed before me. That didn’t seem to concern me at all, I felt horrible, and all I could do was stand around and feel it.

The short walk to my bed felt like a mile. Every muscle felt limp. I tried for that step, But that’s on the ground closing in at a slow pace. The lights went out before I could feel the impact, and I invited the darkness.

Some people believe there is no heaven, nor hell, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. One’s belief does not cancel out another’s. Faith and fact can coexist or they cannot. That is entirely up to the human race to decide for better or worse. I believe once I died I will go heaven, I was wrong. When I woke up all I saw was grey then after a moment there was a flash and I saw my family finding my body.

I believe that death can be beautiful yes, I will not lie, but it is a painful thing to see those around you die. With death comes the ripple effect. The ripple effect is the theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small can change the course of the entire universe. It is the theory that everything matters, that even the flutter of a butterfly‘s wings can cause hurricanes on the other side of the world. If you change even the smallest of life‘s details, you completely change its outcome.

After I died, I saw my biggest mistake and it was letting bullying take my life. I saw my mother hurt because of me, I saw my father blame himself for what happened to me. My Younger sister who looked up to me didn’t really understand why I was gone and didn’t realize I was never coming back. . I broke my family without even thinking once about it. Now my parents will constantly fight over who was in the wrong and what they could’ve done to help me. I tore apart my parents relationship because they couldn’t stand the look at each other without thinking about me and that hurt them. My sister will grow up with divorced parents and a dead sister. I won’t be there for her when she needs me the most. My biggest mistake was thinking about myself before others. I was selfish.

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Color change

my sheep photo before that I got from unsplash

To change the colour I select everything I want to change and at the top of the page I go under image then adjustments.

First i wanted to go on curve and adjust the colour a bit but not make it too dark.

Then I go under colour balance and put red all the way up magenta almost all the way and blue to the top to make a hot pink colour.


This is my final product.

Responding to Iv’e got Gloria


  1. I think that there is such a battle between Scott and his father because they are so alike and don’t realize it. They think they are so different from one another and that’s why there’s so much tension between them but it’s actually because they are close to the same. They both struggle at admitting when they are wrong and both are very stubborn.
  2. On Scott’s first day of summer school, Mrs. Whitman and Scott will probably have a weird tension but not say anything about what happened. They would go on like normal, Scott would be a bit sketched out about her being fine but will show signs that he is sorry. Mrs. Whitman might decide to bring in Gloria to torture Scott a bit, He could bring in a swanson frozen dinner and give it to Mrs. Whitman for Gloria symbolling an apology without saying anything about the phone calls. Scott would show up at summer school fully prepared to pass math with all his old notes and old assignments corrected. In class he would be focused and ready to get his math over with.
  3. When my whole family would get together for thanksgiving, It was a bit of a hassle because we don’t all get along and I was only twelve so I would try to leave. One time, my Uncle caught me trying to leave and it was in front of the whole family and since I was twelve I was very embarrassed and sat at the table pouting the whole time.
  4. Scott sees Mrs. Whitman as a mean teacher who he hates because she flunked him. He sees her as the witch of his life, with tight little lips and ugly freckles. He absolutely hates her and thinks all she cares about is her dog and no one else. A protagonist view on a character can affect the readers view on that person in a few ways. They could see the bad in that character and see how the protagonist thinks. The readers could also see when the protagonist is wrong about a character, including this story, and see how the protagonist is wrong.

Responding to John Goddard


  1. I believe that John Goddard spent his life trying to complete this list because he made a promise to himself that he would complete the list and live his life always to the fullest. As a kid he heard someone say that they wish they could be johns age again and accomplish more of his dreams as a kid, so john promised himself that he would do that.
  2. At the age of sixty-four, I know I will have something to be proud of. It might not be a list of one hundred and twenty-seven but I will have kids and hopefully a husband to be proud of. I should have lived life fully.
  3. Top 10 bucket list: #1 Travel around the world #2 Get a tattoo #3 See the ocean #4 have a family #5 Have a good job #6 Own a cabin at a lake #7 Go to a music festival #8 Make a difference in someone’s life #9 Own a goat #10 Skydive
  4. If I had a choice to chose between a far-off life of adventure by myself or staying in one place with friends and family I would have to chose living in one place with family and friends. I would chose that because my family and friends need me and i couldn’t just leave them. Plus, life alone would get very lonely without friends.
  5. I chose what was on my list with what I want to accomplish in life. Some are simple and others will take time. The easiest one to accomplish would be making a difference in someone’s life, I plan to do that multiple times. It could be as simple as buying someone a coffee. The hardest one will be skydive, just because it’s very dangerous and wild. You’d have to be very daring to go through with it.

Bucket list

I click the link going to and select collage maker at the top of the page and i get my blank collage.

To find photos I click the three dots beside “computer” under image manager and search my free photos.

Once i find all my photos I drag them into the square boxes and looks like this.

To add text I went on the far left and clicked the A and pressed add text with a free font and typed what my bucket list is.

After I add my text this is the finished product. These are just some of my goals I plan to accomplish.


I picked a tiger and cat to mix together. I took my two photos off of unsplash, a free stock photo finder.

To put the picture of the cat on my tiger, I select the part of the cat i want to go on the tiger and at the very top i click edit and copy the photo.

After i copy the cat photo, I go to the tiger photo and go under edit agin and click paste and the photo of the cat should show up.


I make a layer by clicking the third button at the bottom corner and switch the black and white boxes in the bottom left corner and go on brush and erase out the parts of the cat I don’t need in the final photo. After erasing everything but the head, I place the head in place of the tigers.

This is the final photo.

In search of self


Hanna has been trained more than raised her whole childhood, trained like a dog. Erik has taught her to be stoic and how to fight and not how to handle her emotions or how to be a kid. Her childhood has been cut short. Once she got out in this strange world she needs to find who she is and for Hanna she’s lucky to have a friend to help her through it. Some of her human qualities and ideals are different from everyone else so she won’t know how to act or deal with her everyday life problems unless she finds out who she is, so who is Hanna Heller?

Hannas darker side isn’t hidden and she will kill you if she needs to. Hanna will learn her boundaries with hurting people but she will always be very subtle with her feelings. Her walls are going to be very high and tough to break down but deep down she’s a sweet girl whose only scared to feel all these emotions that are flooding in her mind about this new world. Hanna could be considered as a “cold blooded killer” but not because she’s evil, but because it’s the way she was raised, to adapt or die. Her father wanted her to be stoic and not show any emotion but since she his a teenager he knows she’s bound to feeling some type of feeling. When she’s with her friend, she isn’t aggressive or harmful to anyone, she is herself and quite caring. Throughout the movie Hanna becomes more aware that she doesn’t always have to hide her feelings and people want her to show emotion. She finds herself in an existential crisis without even knowing it, she has her feelings coming out but she was taught that was “wrong”

Sophie, her only good friend is someone who she admires the most and who she will learn from, like a mentor. Joe Wright directed this movie so the first good person she meets is Sophie, Hanna’s guardian. Sophie is like Hannas angel because she helps her in more ways that they know. She helps her not only fit in with everyone else but she shows her how to feel and what its like to have a true friend. Hanna has never had a friend her whole life, so when Sophie waltzes in her life Hanna doesn’t know how to make friends. Sophie realizes that there is something different with Hanna the moment she sees her, Sophie says she’s “ Abnormal” and that’s what she likes about Hanna. Hanna having a close friend like Sophie is a part of finding who she is because it gives her someone whom she can be herself with and someone to learn from.

Hanna has been created to be a superhuman and she’s supposed to be “fearless and pitiless” but she still has her own doubts and fears. Throughout the movie, Joe wright put in little hints of these feelings that she gains throughout her adventure. She faces friends, boys, witches and the truth. The way Hanna dealt with the Spanish boy isn’t a normal reaction he would normally get but her first instinct was to defend herself and not let down her guard. Her feelings towards Wiegler the witch is a bigger feeling defense, she wants to save herself and her father. Her feelings toward the truth of her whole existence are her most harmful ones, She was bound to find out the truth and when she did she flipped out. Her whole life was a lie and everything was told in one moment, all these feelings coming at once. Who she thought she was, was wrong.

Hanna has found out a lot about herself through her journey, but most important she’s found out who she is not. She knows she isn’t normal, she knows that Erik isn’t her biological father, but she will always remember him as her father through love. She figured out that she will never be normal, that to fit in she needs to learn a lot. She will move on and be strong. She has always been independent and responsible with her actions and will continue to be, with or without Erik. Joe Wright definitely wanted to portray Hanna as a leader, she was technically born to be one. She would be a great leader because she is very motivated and will do above and beyond what she wishes to do. She has a passion for the her goals, she makes them an obligation and strives for them.

So, Hanna might not be the stoic assassin she was made to be but she turned out better than expected to be. She is still finding herself but has found someone to learn from. Her human qualities may be different from “normal” people but she was made to be special and she is more than expected.


The Sniper


a) Details in story; roaring gunshots, guns broke the silence, twilight, envelope of darkness, approaching dawn, faded light, moon light, dark waters.

    • Roaring gunshots and guns breaking the silence: These details symbolize power and violence. These weapons can take the life of anyone, when a gun lands in the wrong hands lives could end.  Every gunshot could mean someone maybe even someone close to you is getting fired at.  The silence in the story could symbolize death and sadness during war, the silence is a calm before the storm.-
    • Twilight, envelope of darkness, faded light, moonlight, approaching dawn, dark waters: The lack of light in the story is because of the war, there is probably no power and the only light is supplied by the moon. There is little light and the darkness is consuming.    


The message is related to conflict between good, whether it’s family, strangers or friends. The evil in the story is the British but the ones that are fighting are both Irish. In the end the brother ended up getting killed by his own family and he would never know that. The bad turned family against each other. These people fighting probably aren’t as bad as they seem to be, but the world around them has changed the way they see others. They see them as enemies when really they should be working together.




The author described him with a face of a student, thin and ascetic but with a cold gleam in his eyes. I would describe him as a young soul that was forced into bad things, he lost his way of life and is used to seeing death. War changed him, he now looks at life like it’s a battle, like a game, kill or be killed.


The author only describes the sniper in the story for the purpose of making the end a surprise with the killing of the brother. We still don’t know any names in the story but i feel that he made the sniper nameless so it’s easier to see yourself as the main character. Only focusing on the sniper brings us closer to this person and once we read the ending we can go back and look at details with the other sniper.


The ending was a surprise to me. I find it powerful because it’s the snipers karma for killing anyone. The people he killed have loved ones so he’s feeling what the others families are feeling when they find out that their loved one is dead. His pain will be worse because the bullet that took his brother’s life came from his revolver. The bad decision that this sniper made has affected his brothers life and his own because he has to live with the fact that he killed his family.


A story like this could happen in Canada with elections and any wars that happened in the past. Politics could make things like this happen all the time. People have different views on the world and fight about it all the time. Families could get split apart from this. In the war of 1812 many families and friends could be split apart and in conflict. Normal life things could relate to this because many people won’t go through war times, Even making a  bad decision could affect the people close to you like it did in this short story.

Central African Republic

Central African Republic is a state located directly in the middle of Africa. This Civil war has torn apart this state, a country as large as France but a population as small as 4.6 million.

This civil war involved the government, rebels from the seleka coalition and the Anti-balaka militias. The Seleka coalition of armed groups emerged out of this long struggle to overthrow Francois Bozizé, the man in power,  and eventually seized control of the country. For ten months in 2013, the Seleka commanders pillaged (robbed) the country’s resources. The Anti-Balaka group stepped up to fight the Seleka war. This terrible war in this video explains the struggles they are going through and a man that was in the middle of this fight.

The second source is the children in this war. Children were either killed or forced to fight. They saw their families be killed and children their age be murdered. They were forced to make decisions that no one should have to make. Over 6,000 children were involved with fighting. The children may never see their parents again either from separation or death of the kid or family. The kids that don’t get killed or used as fighters are usually used as cooks, spies, or wives for fighters. These kids get their childhood taken away because of the fight going on just outside their house.