The key to surviving a hurricane is preparation. Be sure to have batteries if your flashlight or radio run out of power, make sure to get enough small energizer batteries to last a few days. If you can’t get a flashlight or batteries any big wax candle will work to put around your house for a different light source. A box of thick matches might be necessary to light candles if you don’t have a lighter. To go around areas that don’t have candles or a light source a long lasting bright flashlight to guide you through darkness will work. Don’t forget to have a transistor radio for any news from the government or any person if the storm will end or any other precautions. Well-prepared people will be sure to have water bottles to stay hydrated during the storm. Of course, you’ll need food like, canned fruit or anything packaged that will last a few days so you don’t get to hungry. Don’t forget to board up or tape up your windows securely so they don’t break open and let things fly in or water in your house. Additionally, you’ll need to move your furniture, toys,or anything you don’t want flying away in your house and safe from the wind.

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  1. This is very good and you did a good job of describing what you need in a hurricane and it seems like you are good at writing this type of thing.

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