Unsolved Riddles of Existence

Have you ever wondered unsolved riddles about life? Well lots of people wonder about them and don’t know that they can just grab a book and some will be answered in it. Book usually have something that the main character questions and they figure it out.
The book Thirteen reasons why questions who your real friends are and how you never really know if they actually are your friends. Hannah baker had a snowball effect on how she committed Suicide. People who she thought were her friends only were there for popularity and back stabbed her. She never thought Clay was a real friend but he was totally in love with everything she did. She thought she had no one even after her and Clay kissed. Through your life you will probably experience different types of friendships and some might not be real but lots truly will. Hannah never overcame her problem with people and when she ended her life, not only the people who really did love her but also the people that hated her were having trouble coping with her death and thought it was their fault.
Another trouble Hannah had in this book was wondering if people understood her feelings the way she’s feeling them. Many people have this problem and never know if people fully understand it. Hannah tried explaining what was happening her to a councillor and he didn’t get what she was saying and he told her to let go of the past, she had tried doing that several times but more stuff had been happening to her. Clay kind of got what was happening to her before she sent out tapes explaining it in great detail, he never really knew what she was fully going through before she explained it and when she did he full out cried. Lots of people don’t know what’s happening to you even if you tell them.
Yet another example Hannah dealt with majorly is should you let little things bother you? Many things started bothering her as she lost friends and started getting bullied. Before she was careless about them and now every time anything happens she overthinks it and it ends up hurting her way more than it should. She ends up pushing everyone away that was close to her. Sometimes it’s good to let little things bother you but it depends what it is, other times it’s good to ignore them.
In life you will go through many questions that probably will never be answer unless you do something about it whether it’s about friends, feelings, or things bothering you.

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  1. that was a very great essay! you really explained the questions that you chose very well and organized it and incorporated it with your book great. awesome!

  2. That was very nicely written, I think that you incorporated the book into the topic of unsolved riddle very well. It was really good and I really like your style and how you worded it. Good Job!

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