Expository essay- Angels

Do you believe that angels really do exist? If so, you’re not the only one who believes in these angelic beings. So many things about archangels are fascinating including who they are, what they do and what cultures they come from! People everywhere have all kinds of different views on them.
You’ll find that archangels have their own job or role in heaven. One of the most famous angels, Gabriel, delivered the words of God to others. It is also interesting to note that Metatron, the scribe of God, was the chancellor of heaven and he had almost everything recorded and memorized. Without a doubt, Metatron is the highest of angels but it’s hard to believe that lucifer was one of the highest angels before he fell from heaven. Lucifer was trying to dethrone God because he wanted to be God and take over the world.
It’s incredible that there are so many beliefs of what the angels were referred as. Usually, Archangels are known as messengers of God that are supposed to send his word to people. Actually, the word angel in Latin is angelus meaning devotion to God and in Greek it means messenger. It’s amazing to think about angels being the sons of God but since they were created by God, many think they are his sons. So, as his sons many believed they were protectors of humans. Finally, people trust that these angelic creatures are spirits that don’t have flesh and bones but can appear in any human form.
Of course, not everyone agrees that these supernatural beings are real but many do. Certainly, Christians have faith in angels but only mention archangels twice in the Bible and the names that are mentioned are Michael and Gabriel. Obviously, Gabriel was a big part of Christianity since he was the messenger that told Mary she was going to have her baby. ¬†Historically, in Judaism, an angel is known as a messenger of God and appears several times in the Hebrew Bible and in the traditional liturgy. ¬†Normally, other people and other cultures do think these creatures do exist while many don’t.
Archangels are beautiful creations with many different identities and qualities with amazing roles to play in heaven throughout many cultures. Many people don’t realise the beauty in angels but they’re quite intriguing beings.

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