Saving our earth

Protecting the world is a very important responsibility because if we want to live here and live healthy lives. We can do things like picking up garbage so the animals don’t swallow it and get sick, even carpooling or just walking to save gas. When you go for a shower try not being in it longer than you need because when you are in there for half an hour, you waste tons of water. Turning off the water while brushing your teeth can also make a big difference in saving water. If you are ever planning to get a puppy go to a local pet shelter and help a dog out. Helping the environment is an important task but helping humans could be a great change. Donating food or clothes to a homeless shelter could give a less fortunate person a chance to be warm and healthy. Even little things like talking with them , praying with them or for them can make their day a little bit better than before. You can make a difference in our Earth by doing little things like this, and solve some of our everyday problems.

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