on the sidewalk bleeding

Who is the protagonist?

The protagonist in the story “on the sidewalk bleeding” is Andy
A protagonist is the main character in any story
A protagonist has to make difficult choices, and later in the story, face consequences of those difficult decisions.
A protagonist is in an story genre such as; Dramas, novels, operas, and films.
The protagonist strengths and weaknesses are tested by the antagonist, which is the opposed character in the story, or movie.
The antagonist in this short story is “the Guardians” yet we have never met one of them in this book we know they hate the Royals.
Andy was a sixteen year old boy, who has a dream to move to the Bronx, or staten island, with his girlfriend laura.
What is/are the conflicts?

A conflict is a serious disagreement or argument; fight, battle, or struggle
Conflict creates tension and interest in a story by adding doubt as to the outcome
Andy against himself
Andy against Freddie
Andy against his jacket
Royals against Guardians
What does these names represent? (Andy and a Royal)

The name Andy represents Andy as an individual person. While the name Royal represents a person in a purple jacket. With the purple jacket on people see Andy as a Royal and less as a person. At the end when the police see the jacket they perceive that he is a Royal and not Andy.
What effect does Andy’s jacket have on the people who find him in the alley?

The jacket represented Andy as a Royal. The jacket was the reason Andy was stabbed by the Guardians in the first place. The jacket was the thing that was robbing him of his life. The people that recognized the jacket were too scared to help him cause they didn’t want to get in any trouble. The other people did not know he was  there or they were too drunk and weren’t in the right state of mind. The police just saw Andy’s death as another gang fatality.
What are the reasons why these people didn’t help him?
Drunk- The drunk does not care because he doesn’t realize who Andy is. The drunk just see what he wants to see.
The couple- The couple did not help Andy because they didn’t want to risk their own lives getting in the middle of a rivalry between the Royals and Guardians.
The old lady- The old lady didn’t help Andy because she was too busy looking through garbage cans.
At what point did Andy realize he was dying?

He realized he was dying as he was craving Laura, he had seen the couple kiss and wished that he was with Laura and not there. He felt weak, and very tired.
What does Andy do with the last of his strength? How is this important to the theme and the outcome of the conflict?

With his last bit of strength he had, he pulled off his jacket and tried to roll away from it. It was important to him because when people finally came and found him they would see him as Andy and not a Royal. It’s important to the outcome because Andy finally freed himself from the thing that caused his death.
What is the climax or turning point? Plot diagram

The climax is when Andy finally takes off the jacket and become himself. Andy is then at peace with himself and how people will find him.
What is the police officer’s reaction to Andy? How does this contribute to the author’s message?

The police officer doesn’t see Andy as an individual person, but as just another Royal. This just proves that all of Andy’s thoughts and reasons for taking off the jacket were right, that wearing the purple jacket took away Andy’s individual identity.

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