Word Craft

Word Craft
Stoicism- The endurance of pain or hardship without a display of feelings
The boy was suffering, sick and angry but was satisfied with himself for not showing it. He was watching things around him while not noticing the tears running down his face. He ignored the fact he was in pain to admire the things around him, like his feelings didn’t even exist. He was enduring all this pain and suffering from his little walk, he never expected this to happen, he barely knew what happened but it affected him greatly.. Him seeing that dead buck really hit him. The ants taking over this decaying body, he felt this creature’s pain.

Incredulously- in a manner indicating disbelief.
The boy didn’t want to believe that the buck who had been prancing around the forest freely, feeling like a king of the woods without a care in the world is now lifeless on the ground. The bucks existence meant nothing to the word, his death affected no one but the boys heart.

Anguish- severe mental or physical pain or suffering.
“This is how life goes on, by living things dying in Anguish” No one can stop death, its part of life. Things live and things die, it’s part of the cycle of life. We are all going through it, no one can escape death. People will grow old or die of other causes eventually.

Ebbing- To decline or decay; fade away.
This word was used in the decaying kind of definition in the story as a metaphor “About the bones the ants were ebbing away.” As in the ants were slowing eating away at the bones of the poor buck.

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