Responding to Iv’e got Gloria


  1. I think that there is such a battle between Scott and his father because they are so alike and don’t realize it. They think they are so different from one another and that’s why there’s so much tension between them but it’s actually because they are close to the same. They both struggle at admitting when they are wrong and both are very stubborn.
  2. On Scott’s first day of summer school, Mrs. Whitman and Scott will probably have a weird tension but not say anything about what happened. They would go on like normal, Scott would be a bit sketched out about her being fine but will show signs that he is sorry. Mrs. Whitman might decide to bring in Gloria to torture Scott a bit, He could bring in a swanson frozen dinner and give it to Mrs. Whitman for Gloria symbolling an apology without saying anything about the phone calls. Scott would show up at summer school fully prepared to pass math with all his old notes and old assignments corrected. In class he would be focused and ready to get his math over with.
  3. When my whole family would get together for thanksgiving, It was a bit of a hassle because we don’t all get along and I was only twelve so I would try to leave. One time, my Uncle caught me trying to leave and it was in front of the whole family and since I was twelve I was very embarrassed and sat at the table pouting the whole time.
  4. Scott sees Mrs. Whitman as a mean teacher who he hates because she flunked him. He sees her as the witch of his life, with tight little lips and ugly freckles. He absolutely hates her and thinks all she cares about is her dog and no one else. A protagonist view on a character can affect the readers view on that person in a few ways. They could see the bad in that character and see how the protagonist thinks. The readers could also see when the protagonist is wrong about a character, including this story, and see how the protagonist is wrong.
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