Responding to John Goddard


  1. I believe that John Goddard spent his life trying to complete this list because he made a promise to himself that he would complete the list and live his life always to the fullest. As a kid he heard someone say that they wish they could be johns age again and accomplish more of his dreams as a kid, so john promised himself that he would do that.
  2. At the age of sixty-four, I know I will have something to be proud of. It might not be a list of one hundred and twenty-seven but I will have kids and hopefully a husband to be proud of. I should have lived life fully.
  3. Top 10 bucket list: #1 Travel around the world #2 Get a tattoo #3 See the ocean #4 have a family #5 Have a good job #6 Own a cabin at a lake #7 Go to a music festival #8 Make a difference in someone’s life #9 Own a goat #10 Skydive
  4. If I had a choice to chose between a far-off life of adventure by myself or staying in one place with friends and family I would have to chose living in one place with family and friends. I would chose that because my family and friends need me and i couldn’t just leave them. Plus, life alone would get very lonely without friends.
  5. I chose what was on my list with what I want to accomplish in life. Some are simple and others will take time. The easiest one to accomplish would be making a difference in someone’s life, I plan to do that multiple times. It could be as simple as buying someone a coffee. The hardest one will be skydive, just because it’s very dangerous and wild. You’d have to be very daring to go through with it.
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