The problem of evil

Here’s the question millions of people have been asking, if God is good and if God is all-powerful, why is there suffering? If God were all-knowing, it seems that God would know about all of the horrible things that happen in our world. If God were all-powerful, God would be able to do something about all of the evil and suffering. Additionally, if God were honestly perfect, then surely God would want to do something about it. And yet we find that our world is filled with countless instances of evil and suffering.

God gave the choice to the angels to follow him or turn against him and Lucifer told him that he was just a man, this was the start of evil. “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” (Roman 12:21) Evil is a choice that anyone can make but just because you make an evil choice doesn’t mean that you can’t be forgiven, God is always ready to forgive you but we need to ask for forgiveness. God wants us to choice good over evil but he wants us find it on our own. As humans we will always make mistakes but he wants us to realize what we did wrong and ask for forgiveness. Just because God will forgive us we can’t just think that we can do something and God will forgive us, we need to try hard not to sin but if we do we need to think about it and want forgiveness.

“And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.” There is no fear in love (Peter 4:8) When loving someone you don’t fear the pain that will come with it, but with God his love comes without the fear, even after death his love will be there with you. God loves us all so much that he wants the best for us and wants us to make the right choices on our own, and even if we do mess up loss our way sometimes he is always wanting for us to find our way back. We as humans can’t understand how much God loves us, but just because we can’t love him as much as he loves us does not mean that we should turn away it should make us strive to love him more to the point that we live in the way that he wanted us to live.

After we die there is two possible outcomes Hell or Heaven. A lot of people think if God loves us so much why would he send us to Hell, If Hell wasn’t a place we wouldn’t have to care what we do in this life enough if it was bad. God is like a parent if we do something bad there will be a punishment for it, even though Hell is a pretty big punishment we can avoid it by trying to not sin and go to confessions as much as we can. Our parents punish us because they love us, God has the same love for us as our parents but far greater. All humans sin but we can strive to stop sinning by making sure that we always put ourselves into a situation that helps us not sin. It is much more easy to go to Hell then going to Heaven but with life it is always harder to do something than not do it at all, this means that we need to work hard to enter the Kingdom of God. People have asked me “What about the people that never had the chance to go to church and confessions.” God does not punish those who never had the knowledge of what he wants us do to.

Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, and Fear the Lord these are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. Wisdom his the first and highest gift of the Holy Spirit, with wisdom we can start to understand that the truth of the Christian belief are more important than the things of this world. Wisdom his the second gift of the Holy Spirit, Wisdom allows us to grasp, at least in a limited way, the very essence of the truths of the Catholic faith. Counsel is the third gift of the Holy Spirit, Counsel allows us to judge how best to act almost by intuition. Fortitude is the fourth gift of the Holy Spirit, Fortitude gives us the strength to follow through on the actions suggested by the gift of counsel. Knowledge is the fifth gift of the Holy Spirit, Knowledge gives us the desires to to judge all things according to the truths of the Catholic Faith. Piety is the sixth gift of the Holy Spirit, Piety allows us to take the willingness beyond a sense of duty so that we desire to worship God and to serve him out of love. Fear of the Lord is the seventh gift of the Holy Spirit and the last, having a Fear of the Lord confirms the theological virtue of hope. This gift of the Holy Spirit gives us the desire not to offend God.

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