The Sniper


a) Details in story; roaring gunshots, guns broke the silence, twilight, envelope of darkness, approaching dawn, faded light, moon light, dark waters.

    • Roaring gunshots and guns breaking the silence: These details symbolize power and violence. These weapons can take the life of anyone, when a gun lands in the wrong hands lives could end.  Every gunshot could mean someone maybe even someone close to you is getting fired at.  The silence in the story could symbolize death and sadness during war, the silence is a calm before the storm.-
    • Twilight, envelope of darkness, faded light, moonlight, approaching dawn, dark waters: The lack of light in the story is because of the war, there is probably no power and the only light is supplied by the moon. There is little light and the darkness is consuming.    


The message is related to conflict between good, whether it’s family, strangers or friends. The evil in the story is the British but the ones that are fighting are both Irish. In the end the brother ended up getting killed by his own family and he would never know that. The bad turned family against each other. These people fighting probably aren’t as bad as they seem to be, but the world around them has changed the way they see others. They see them as enemies when really they should be working together.




The author described him with a face of a student, thin and ascetic but with a cold gleam in his eyes. I would describe him as a young soul that was forced into bad things, he lost his way of life and is used to seeing death. War changed him, he now looks at life like it’s a battle, like a game, kill or be killed.


The author only describes the sniper in the story for the purpose of making the end a surprise with the killing of the brother. We still don’t know any names in the story but i feel that he made the sniper nameless so it’s easier to see yourself as the main character. Only focusing on the sniper brings us closer to this person and once we read the ending we can go back and look at details with the other sniper.


The ending was a surprise to me. I find it powerful because it’s the snipers karma for killing anyone. The people he killed have loved ones so he’s feeling what the others families are feeling when they find out that their loved one is dead. His pain will be worse because the bullet that took his brother’s life came from his revolver. The bad decision that this sniper made has affected his brothers life and his own because he has to live with the fact that he killed his family.


A story like this could happen in Canada with elections and any wars that happened in the past. Politics could make things like this happen all the time. People have different views on the world and fight about it all the time. Families could get split apart from this. In the war of 1812 many families and friends could be split apart and in conflict. Normal life things could relate to this because many people won’t go through war times, Even making a  bad decision could affect the people close to you like it did in this short story.

Central African Republic

Central African Republic is a state located directly in the middle of Africa. This Civil war has torn apart this state, a country as large as France but a population as small as 4.6 million.

This civil war involved the government, rebels from the seleka coalition and the Anti-balaka militias. The Seleka coalition of armed groups emerged out of this long struggle to overthrow Francois Bozizé, the man in power,  and eventually seized control of the country. For ten months in 2013, the Seleka commanders pillaged (robbed) the country’s resources. The Anti-Balaka group stepped up to fight the Seleka war. This terrible war in this video explains the struggles they are going through and a man that was in the middle of this fight.

The second source is the children in this war. Children were either killed or forced to fight. They saw their families be killed and children their age be murdered. They were forced to make decisions that no one should have to make. Over 6,000 children were involved with fighting. The children may never see their parents again either from separation or death of the kid or family. The kids that don’t get killed or used as fighters are usually used as cooks, spies, or wives for fighters. These kids get their childhood taken away because of the fight going on just outside their house.


The room was dark, silence filled the air as if it was water. There was a lot going through Amira’s head but one thing she knew she had to do was find her parents. Her eyes were red from crying, her body ready to give out, yet she was awake as ever. One thing had caught her attention, the sound of dripping. She couldn’t help but find investigate the noise. While the heavy closet door slid open, her gaze landed on the small crimson pool on her wood floor, the blood kept dripping down the handle of the door as her knees give out and her frail body falls to the cold floor. Tears started streaming from her sad eyes, she can’t believe what’s happening. Barely able to get up, she struggles walking down the bloody hall but there they are… Her parents lifeless bodies rested on the floor. She can’t help but scream as tears keep flowing down her petite face, her body no longer has the ability to stay up. She can hear someone yelling her names but it seems distant.. Then it gets closer and eventually she wakes up..Clyde hugging her tightly.  not because of her dream but because she woke up, she can’t handle the thought of her parents being gone.

Clyde was clueless, nothing helps this girl. She’s broken. It was painful to see her like this. All he could do was embrace her and let the torrent of her tears to soak through his shirt. Her fists stayed clenched, not knowing whether to be mad or to give up hope all together. He could hear her silently screaming, suffocating with each breath she took holding onto her pride. His fingers slowly running through her hair, time and time again, in an attempt to calm the silent war within her mind. It’s been over a year, her mind still takes over in her dreams and she wakes up with a tear stained bed, screaming. Three months of therapy. One and a half months in a mental hospital. Seven more months in therapy. Antidepressants, Prozac and Zoloft to be specific. This is Amira’s life now, just as everyone thought she was getting better the nightmares came back.

“You’re stronger than this Amira..” Clyde mumbled.


He knew she could get through this. She had to. He couldn’t lose her, he can’t handle losing this girl.

She gained some weight finally, she felt better physically. Her mind is everywhere but a slight bit of happiness came to mind from one thought. Clyde is here. Hugging her, Amira and Clyde have a crazy history but as of right now they are broken up. So, why is he helping her? After a bad experience of her freaking out at him after she got out of the hospital they decided it was best to break up. Worst decision ever. Clyde was one of the only things helping her be happy, and he’s back. He shouldn’t be back, he can’t be here. She needs to do this on her own because she can and she will. She wipes her tears off her face and gathers herself.

“Clyde, I think it’s time for you to leave” She vehemently says.


He’s set back a bit but slowly starts to stand up and walk out of her dorm, waiting for her to say something. She doesn’t say one word, she lets him go.

“I love you Amira” He whispers just low enough so she couldn’t hear.

Leaving her was something he dreaded but he knew it was the only choice.

After two years of Clyde feeling endlessly lonely he decided to find her. He would do anything to see her smile one last time.

Life without Amira made Clyde’s stomach turn in twenty different ways but today was the day. He could finally see her, she was happy and  beautiful. To say that Amira Johnston was just, beautiful, was an understatement. Amira Johnston was as breathtaking as seeing the last beam of light from the sunset illuminate the surface of an endless ocean. She was like a painted masterpiece that could drive the artist insane with the realisation they could never achieving anything nearly as perfect as her.

She was like the ultimate love, the one and only love, the kind of love one would find themselves lucky to see in nothing more than the blink of an eye. The kind of love artists and musicians have tried to pinpoint since the dawn of creation. Amira was simply beautiful beyond comprehension.

The way this man felt for her was something he couldn’t put in words. The problem was where is she? Amira had always been one to be mysterious but she would always leave clues for people who she deemed worthy, but Clyde was never one of them. This time would be different. He would make himself worthy. He would find her, no matter how long it would take him.


New Orleans, 2017. six months after he started looking.. He knew she was here, the only place she would think is safe enough to be truly happy. The city of jazz, her home town. Mardi Gras had always been her favourite time of year and in his gut he knew she would be there. He spotted her. Her long , straight, black locks gently laid on her shoulders. Her deep blue eyes scattered around the coffee shop, they reminded him of a lake on a stormy day. She sat there mesmerized by the activities going around her, she was alone but she was enjoying it. Clydes heart never raced this fast, he was so nervous but he slowly made his way to her. Taking every step like it could be his last, his palms were sweaty and he was feeling quite nauseous but when he approached her back she had already knew he was there.  

“I was starting to wonder if you would ever find me.” She cockily smirked…  

Fishing in the Dark


When you’re reading a song you notice the lyrics more than you would when you’re singing them. When singing them your brain kind of skips over the meaning because you’re into the beat or the next lyric. Reading the lyrics help you understand the base of the song and what the artist was trying to push. Fishing in the Dark is about a man falling in love with a girl on a late spring night. Its a pretty simple song but the meaning is very sweet and innocent.

Lazy yellow moon comin’ up tonight

Shinin’ through the trees

Crickets are singin’ and lightning bugs

Are floatin’ on the breeze

Baby get ready

Across the field where the creek turns back

By the old stump road

I’m gonna take you to a special place

That nobody knows

Baby get ready, ooh

You and me going fishing in the dark

Lying on our backs and counting the stars

Where the cool grass grows

Down by the river in the full moon light

We’ll be fallin’ in love in the middle of the night

Just movin’ slow

Stayin’ the whole night through

Feels so good to be with you

Spring is almost over and the summer’s come

And the days are gettin’ long

Waited all winter for the time to be right

Just to take you along, baby get ready

And it don’t matter if we sit forever

And the fish don’t bite

Jump in the river and cool ourselves

From the heat of the night

Baby get ready, ooh

You and me going fishing in the dark

Lying on our backs and counting the stars

Where the cool grass grows

Down by the river in the full moon light

We’ll be fallin’ in love in the middle of the night

Just movin’ slow

Stayin’ the whole night through

Feels so good to be with you

You and me going fishing in the dark

Lying on our backs and counting the stars

Where the cool grass grows

Down by the river in the full moon light

We’ll be fallin’ in love in the middle of the night

Just movin’ slow

You and me going fishing in the dark

Lying on our backs and counting the stars

Where the cool grass grows

Down by the river in the full moon light

We’ll be fallin’ in love in the middle of the night

Just movin’ slow

Superman vs Tarzan

  1. Superman: two people, secretive, selfless, honest, bad past, moved on, hero of people, civilized, temptation, Son of krypton

Tarzan: Not good with the ladies, self reliant, no confidence, shy, unkept, Savage, dirty, smelly, swooping up chicks, quick, strong, king of the jungle (always saving animals in it)

Superman is the more respected in the song

  2) Tarzan is imaged as a smelly, frizzy haired, strong man who was very shy. Superman was imaged as a man who was never himself, alone in his world and very selfless.

  3)Superman saves the world from Solomon because he knows he has the strength to do it and he knows it’s the right thing to do because he’s the only one who has the power to save the earth from this evil. Since Krypton was destroyed superman is now protective of earth because he doesn’t want to see the same thing happen to his new home.

  4) Superman might want to stop what he’s doing to go join Tarzan because he doesn’t have to hide his real self from anyone and hide behind a pair of glasses. He also would have the stress of the world being in his hands but only the jungle. Superman would be able to show his real self without any judgement.

  5)Tarzan is the type of person to give you their lunch if you don’t have one. He is the nice shy guy who isn’t afraid of being judged.

Superman is a very secretive type of guy but his personality is rough and aggressive.

  6)I would like to be superman not because of his powers but because of his selflessness. Superman saved the world countless times with no expectation of a reward, he did it out of his own heart. He did get all over the newspapers but he never gloated about his acts of heroism. Superman may have been a secretive but for good reasoning, he didn’t want the whole world knowing his abilities and getting treated different than anyone else. Not being able to tell anyone the full truth about myself would be a downside to being superman but being able to help those around you in a way no one else can is a huge gift. The powers that he has are like no other and being able to fly would be very efficient. As superman i would try not to overuse my powers for anything but saving people.

Sites for school.


Iblog: it’s useful for documenting the books we read, movies we watch, and anything we write and, or learn.

Twitter: To make short progress updates on the work you do in classes.

Google: to get to websites we need to, search things that will help us with our schoolwork. It helps us create documents, slideshows, videos, and anything else you search up.

Youtube: We can upload useful videos that other people can watch to get help from It helps students become better at their typing skills

My blueprint: Blueprint helps students look for future colleges and tells you how much money it will take to get into it.

Wevideo: To create and edit videos for teachers and yourself.

Stj forum: A way to document useful tips or things you’ve learnt through the school year for other students to read.

Classroom: Helps students with keeping up with their homework and tells them the due date and keeps their work in order by telling them their assignments. 

Email: Get emails from teachers and classmates about school related stuff like homework or school events. 


Word Craft

Word Craft
Stoicism- The endurance of pain or hardship without a display of feelings
The boy was suffering, sick and angry but was satisfied with himself for not showing it. He was watching things around him while not noticing the tears running down his face. He ignored the fact he was in pain to admire the things around him, like his feelings didn’t even exist. He was enduring all this pain and suffering from his little walk, he never expected this to happen, he barely knew what happened but it affected him greatly.. Him seeing that dead buck really hit him. The ants taking over this decaying body, he felt this creature’s pain.

Incredulously- in a manner indicating disbelief.
The boy didn’t want to believe that the buck who had been prancing around the forest freely, feeling like a king of the woods without a care in the world is now lifeless on the ground. The bucks existence meant nothing to the word, his death affected no one but the boys heart.

Anguish- severe mental or physical pain or suffering.
“This is how life goes on, by living things dying in Anguish” No one can stop death, its part of life. Things live and things die, it’s part of the cycle of life. We are all going through it, no one can escape death. People will grow old or die of other causes eventually.

Ebbing- To decline or decay; fade away.
This word was used in the decaying kind of definition in the story as a metaphor “About the bones the ants were ebbing away.” As in the ants were slowing eating away at the bones of the poor buck.

Idea to image #3

We want equality

But have not been shown any mercy

Like our rights are some sort of battle

We are human beings

But treated like toys


Our looks are more important than our education

Our body shape is the best thing about us

Who cares about our personality as long as we look good

We are seen more as objects than humans




Idea to image #2

She begged for forgiveness

Heart throbbing… screaming

She craved his presence

The only thing that stops it

The voices seeping into her mind


Her head is a bomb waiting to explode

Ticking… constantly

Her heart is in pain

She needs him

He is her saviour


She has been suffering

He is the only thing that stops it

Being with him makes her whole

She is nothing without him

He is her everything

Idea to image


She was known as foul

Some sort of monstrosity

She no longer had a smile on her face

The light inside of her disappeared

She was filled with darkness


No one could save her

Not even herself

She was trapped in her own mind

Surrounded by her own thoughts

Driving her insane


She failed herself

She failed everyone

She never felt more alone

No one to talk to

When she needed it the most