#3 The Gifts of God :)


The gifts of the Holy Spirit make us strong enough because, they give us the ability get out of hard situations. WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE give us the power to have good judgement and make good decisions. UNDERSTANDING helps us to forgive people when people hurt us. The gift of COUNSEL allows us to try and help people when their hurt or in a bad situation. FORTITUDE gives us courage when your in danger or pain. PIETY helps us to ask for help from God in times of need, and worship him. FEAR OF THE LORD makes us fear the Lord and follow his teachings. And LOVE, which is the greatest gift of all, helps hold us together when were about to fall apart, and give us strength and courage when were in our darkest hour. All of these gifts help make us strong enough.

The gift of wisdom is having the knowledge, experience, and good judgment. Wisdom helps everyone make the right choices, and what to do in life. The song “Strong Enough” is saying that you might not be strong enough to do it, but if you believe in God, yourself and others you can do it.

Fear Of The Lord means that people trying to act like they are above God when they are not. “Fear of the Lord” generally refers to a specific sense of respect, awe, and submission to a deity. While Fear of God suggests apprehension of Divine punishment. In the song “Strong Enough” its saying that he does not have enough strength to look up to God and listen and hear his words clearly.

The gift of understanding is when you understand something. I know it may sound weird but you can understand God from the song because he says that he might not be strong enough to do it. It is all how you believe in yourself and others. He sends a really strong message about understanding people, God he wants us to be strong enough.

Piety is the gift of being religious or reverent. It helps to allow you to worship the Lord and pray to him.  It is also a belief or point of view that is accepted with unthinking conventional reverence. It means that you have great devotion to God and that you are very religious. It allows us to seek help from God in times of need.

Counsel means to make the right judgement and the right choices. This is one of seven gifts of the holy spirit. Counsel can mean to have choice of mind such as leadership, judgment, advice and choice. Giving advice can help may many people, having counsel is part of this. Through the song strong enough it says he sing this line: Cause when I’m finally.Finally at rock bottom well, that’s when I start looking up and reaching out. He realizes that he has to let go to get closer to God. He make the right choice that is what counsel is.

Fortitude gives us courage in pain or adversity. Asking God for help when we need it the most. In the song “Strong Enough by Matthew west” it talks about how God gives you strength, and fortitude, so when times are tough, god is on your side.

Knowledge can make you strong because knowing things can help you prepare for the future. The song says that he knows he can be strong with the help of God. God can help you have the gift of knowledge. The gift of knowledge can help you in many ways it can help you make important choices and answer important questions in life.

The greatest gift of the holy spirit is Love, love is when you have affection for someone important to you. God loves us, so he protects us, and gives is the things we need. We’re not “strong enough” to be on our own, we need god, and he gladly helps us, because he loves us. Love is a beautiful thing, and without it, we wouldn’t be as successful as we are today. Now the question is whether we love god?



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Author: abosgra

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