I chose 5 surveys in occupations. The ones I took were photography, private detective, interior designer, makeup artist, and dancer. The top 3 percentages were photography, private detective, and interior designer.

The photography survey got scored with a 79% match. I really think that I should have scored maybe a little higher because I very much enjoy cameras and photography items. I feel like maybe one day I would do photography as a side job when I’m older.

In the private detective survey I scored a 75%. I am a fond of investigation and crime so I am not surprised this got in the top 3. I love watching criminal minds and all those FBI shows that are on the television. They really catch my interest and maybe one day I could be a detective myself.

The third survey I took was about interior designing, which I scored a 72%. I have always thought about being an interior designer since I was pretty young. I find designing and rearranging things to be very¬† interesting. I wouldn’t mind taking a class on interior designing in collage.

Any of these suggestions I would enjoy doing maybe for the rest of my life. They all interest me in many ways.



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Author: abosgra

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