Qualities of Friendship

There are different qualities that people look for when they are looking to be someones friend. Many people this might be understanding or sympathetic. For me the three main qualities I look for in a friend is trust worthy, funny, and supportive.

Being a trust worthy friend is important to me because you got to have someone you can trust in your life. If you do not have a friend you can trust in your life there is no one to keep your secrets. When you tell someone something you know they can help you out because you know you can trust them.

Being a humorous person is a necessity for me. Being funny can present the person to be more likable or just get out of a situation. If you are going to be my friend you got to have a sense of humor to make me laugh on days when I need to laugh. If you can’t make me laugh then I probably won’t  want to be your friend.

A supportive friend is something I always look for. If I am having a rough time with something I know they can be there for me through whatever situation I am going through. I know if they will be there for me I can have their backs and help them out when they need it.

All these characteristics are things I look for in my friends. Being supportive, humorous, and trust worthy are all things my friends have.

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Author: abosgra

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