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While reading the novel ” Lord of the Flies ” we are discussing as a class, we are given the quote ” we ought to die before we let the fire go out ”  in chapter two by one of the main characters we are familiar with in the book named Ralph. While this was quoted by Ralph he meant that they need to continue to have the fire going as was way of a signal for a rescue which would create smoke to seek nearby ships or planes. The words that are spoken in the book mean more than they seem. Ralph is their leader and he is determinded to keep that fire going so eventually they could be saved. If the boys on the island had no way of making fire, there would be no way of survival for them.

As the end of the chapter approaches Ralph begins to start an existential crisis which is a moment at which an individual questions if their life has meaning, purpose, or value. During this event no one seemed to obey or follow any of the rules that were being set. They seemed to begin to lose faith and hope. The boys have been on the island so long their hair has grown exceedingly long. Because Ralph is the leader of the young boys he is pressured into thinking he needs to stay hopeful and calm so none of the littluns start to worry. He is starting to lose hope but still has that one strand of hope lasting him enough to not worry about getting rescued.

Some type of ignorace has started to grow on the boys leaving them hopeless thoughout the time they are on the island. They have no drive to survive the only thing that is keeping them alive at the moment is the fact that they have a way to create fire to make a signal, cook meat, to stay warm, and to keep the littluns less frightened at night when it is dark.

The fire is what is keeping them alive, us as humans use fire in many different ways. In the book the boys are not taking care of the fire very well by keeping it lit and making sure it is not buring the whole island down. Ralph saw a boat go by the island where they had a chance to be rescued but beacuse of how none of the boys really payed attention to it the ship did not see any sign of humans on the island and just went right by them. Ralph at this point was losing hope more than anything else because of that oppourtunity they had to get rescused and did not. He definetly is questioning the need to continue living if they will never get off the small piece of land.

Even though fire might just seem as a steaming, bright component, it for sure means more to Ralph in the novel ; it is their way of survival. When one starts to lose hope, the rest follow behind. Which is why it is important to keep Ralph to try his hardest to hold on.





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Author: abosgra

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