Quotable Quote

While reading the novel ” Lord of the Flies ” we are discussing as a class, we are given the quote ” we ought to die before we let the fire go out ”  in chapter two by one of the main characters we are familiar with in the book named Ralph. While this was quoted by Ralph he meant that they need to continue to have the fire going as was way of a signal for a rescue which would create smoke to seek nearby ships or planes. The words that are spoken in the book mean more than they seem. Ralph is their leader and he is determinded to keep that fire going so eventually they could be saved. If the boys on the island had no way of making fire, there would be no way of survival for them.

As the end of the chapter approaches Ralph begins to start an existential crisis which is a moment at which an individual questions if their life has meaning, purpose, or value. During this event no one seemed to obey or follow any of the rules that were being set. They seemed to begin to lose faith and hope. The boys have been on the island so long their hair has grown exceedingly long. Because Ralph is the leader of the young boys he is pressured into thinking he needs to stay hopeful and calm so none of the littluns start to worry. He is starting to lose hope but still has that one strand of hope lasting him enough to not worry about getting rescued.

Some type of ignorace has started to grow on the boys leaving them hopeless thoughout the time they are on the island. They have no drive to survive the only thing that is keeping them alive at the moment is the fact that they have a way to create fire to make a signal, cook meat, to stay warm, and to keep the littluns less frightened at night when it is dark.

The fire is what is keeping them alive, us as humans use fire in many different ways. In the book the boys are not taking care of the fire very well by keeping it lit and making sure it is not buring the whole island down. Ralph saw a boat go by the island where they had a chance to be rescued but beacuse of how none of the boys really payed attention to it the ship did not see any sign of humans on the island and just went right by them. Ralph at this point was losing hope more than anything else because of that oppourtunity they had to get rescused and did not. He definetly is questioning the need to continue living if they will never get off the small piece of land.

Even though fire might just seem as a steaming, bright component, it for sure means more to Ralph in the novel ; it is their way of survival. When one starts to lose hope, the rest follow behind. Which is why it is important to keep Ralph to try his hardest to hold on.





Important Qualities of a Political Leader

The qualities of being a political leader can differ considering each political leader has their own way of running a country. For someone to be a good leader they should have some qualities like being trusting, honest, and being open minded.

When citizens of a country or province know your being honest about what they are being told there is a huge trust bond built. When the leader and citizens are honest with eachother and trust eachother it can make a country stonger as a whole.

If you are going to be a good political leader you should be open minded to the citizens you are representing. When you ask them what they would like to see or their opinion on community events they appriciate that you are including them and are open to listen to their opinions.


As in the Beginning

What makes us whole?

My definition of what makes us a whole is when others work together and help them when they need it. Being apart of the ” whole ” needs participation from everyone.

Why does the speaker describe the “man” so objectively in the first nine lines of the poem?

He decribes the man in the poem with no emotion to later. I think the poem show his emotions in the end. I think that the author was building his way up to show emotion later towards the end.

How does the tone of the poem change after the first nine lines?

The tone changes from the man talking about money and insurance for his finger in the beginning to talking about his father who had beautiful hands which broke the bread for them at supper.


Which lines or phrases do you think express what the speaker is feeling most powerfully? What do these lines convey to them?

I think the phrases the speaker is feeling most powerful are, ” give me my father’s hands when they are not broken and swollen, give me my father’s hands, young again, and holding the hands of my mother, give me my father’s hands still brown and uncallused, beautiful hands that broke bread for us at table, hands smooth as marble and naked as the morning, give me hands without a number tattooed at the wrist, without the copper sweat of clinging change, give my father’s hands as they were in the beginning.” The author seems to show emotion in these lines of the poem about his father.

What is the significance of the title?

The title is showing that him and hsi father are two different people, the man has had his finger cut off, and his father had perfect uncallused hands.

Does thinking about a “multiverse” get you wondering about heaven?

Are their multiple heavens?

No on really knows for sure if there is even one heaven nevermind multiple it is all what you believe in. But for the believers, I think there is only one true heaven that spirits go to when they pass on. There is heaven and hell I don’t know why there would be more heavens or even multiple hells.

Paul in 2 Corinthinans speaks of a “third heaven.” What was that about? and what are the other two?

The third heaven is a division of heaven in religious cosmology. The scripture mentioned the three types of heaven. First, where the birds fly, second,  the area where the sun and the moon and the stars are, and thrid, where God is.

What does the expression “seventh heaven” mean?

The expression ” seventh heaven ” is not saying there is seven heavens, it is a state of extreme joy. This is a figure of speech when you say something that relates to something else.


1. What is uncertainty? How does this relate to faith?

Uncertainty means to not able to be relied on; not known or definite. This can be related to faith by whether you believe or not. You can be uncertain with which faith you would like to choose or if you want to believe in a faith at all.

2. What does it mean to say that God exists outside of time?

This means that God existed before time was even created. He was there before everything. Before God created the sky, the land, animals, and humans, there was no time before all of that.

3. Why is our ability to know and describe God limited?

It is limited because we have no proof God exists other than the Bible. They talk about God and how he created himself in the image if Jesus. No one really has any proof God exists at all.

4. What is the only “proof’ that we can have of God’s existence?

The only proof of God’s existence that we have is the Bible.

The New House

Do people exist beyond a physical presence?

That is a question that could be presented from different perspectives. One would be yes people live on to be spirits or ghosts after they pass. The other would be no after people die they have no life after and diaspear into nothing. It is all about which one you chose to believe.

What is the significance of the title?

The significance of this title is the author is presenting when she dies what would be left on earth, about her, to be remembered.

Gaining Yardage

Are Arlo and the speaker friends?

Yes, they hang around eachother and play football together.

What makes someone a good friend?

To be a good friend you need to be trustworthy so you don’t have to worry about your friend telling people something you didn’t want them to know.  Being funny is also something that makes up a good friend because, why would you want to be friends with someone who doesn’t make you laugh on a daily?  Also you should be honest with your friend otherwise they might not be honest with you.

What ideas does this poem share about friendship? Do you agree?

The poem says that they were neighbours, they hung around eachother, and played football together. I agree this can be friendshi[, just maybe they aren’t the best of friends.

What is odd about the last two lines of this poem?

The last two lines of them poem state “unless my old man or his decides to move to another part of the country.” They will always be friends unless one of them were to move away.

List the jargon used in the poem. Find definitions of each term. Do the definitions you find work within the context of the poem?

lateral – of, at, toward, or from the side or sides

Yes, the definition I found matches the one in the poem.

Examine the poem’s use of pronouns. Is the antecedent for each pronoun always clear? What would you recommend the poet do to solve his pronoun problems?

I think the antecedent for each pronoun is clear. I wouldn’t recommend the poet to fix or change any of his pronouns because I understood the poem perfectly.

What does it mean to be human?

Humans are adaptable to thier living environments. For example, us humans can make fire. Can any other living organisms make fire? No. Fire is an excellent resource for us to use. It creates heat to keep us warm, and the heat can cook and warm up food we find in the wild.A thought is an idea that comes from your mind. Theres things that should be said out loud and some that you should just keep to yourself.

Showing affection to others can be showed as love or hate. Some people refuse to feel either love or pain but we all have it no matter what. You can choose to feel and show pain or not, as well as love. Affection also realtes to what people think of you and how they see you as a person

When you are understanding people appriciate that. We can all try to understand how people are feeling, but can’t exactly be put into their shoes. We all understand that we have things to do during the day. Kids go to school, and adults go to work, we understand that this is what we have to do. Adults come home from work and cook supper. After school children do their homework and do the dishes.

We are very differnt and we can do many other things like understanding, affection, and adapting. Other creatures cannot do these, none that we know of anyways.

My Father is a Simple Man

Can life really be compared to an orange?

Well, life could be compared to an orange if you really want to beleive that. I think that it could be compared to and orange a little bit. We both have life, and we both die, but if you plant the orange seeds, new oranges grow.

Does education make someone a “scholar”?

Education can make someone a scholar. They would have a better chance then someone who did not have the opportunity to have a good education.

What is greatness?

Greatness is have the qualities to be great. To be ¨ great ¨ means that you are above average or being a good friend by being kind, trustworthy etc.

How old do you think the speaker is? Justify your response with reference to details in the poem.

I think that the speaker is an older man. The way he projects the poem makes him sounds very knowledgeable. I also searched his name up on google and he passed away is 2008 at the age of 71.

For what audience do you think the poem is intended?

I think this poem could be intended for any type of audience because anyone can read whatever poem they would like.

Do you think the poet ever expressed these thoughts and feelings to his father? Explain.

I don’t think the poet ever expressed these feelings to his father because it seemed more like he kept these thoughts to himself and didn’t share them with anyone. I think it is what he thinks of his father and how he looks up to him.