Shared Human Experience

This past summer I was at the lake with my grandparents, my mom, brother, and Jessie. In the morning we went out tubing and then came in for lunch, then later we went again. It was me and Jessie on the tube, and my mom and grandpa on the boat. My mom was spotting, and my grandpa was driving. We were making some pretty large waves and so my grandpa and mom on the boat, were watching us because it was hilarious watching us bounce up off the water. Since they were both watching us, they weren’t seeing where we were going and we were getting pretty close to the land so me and Jessie were both screaming and pointing to try and make them look and Jessie looked at me and was like ” if they don’t turn I’m bailing and jumping off, ” and I agreed. Once we were around maybe 20 feet away from the land, Jessie screamed ” GRANDPA ” and he turned around and made the sharpest turn I’ve ever seen and we got whipped around on the tube and we were all freaking out but had a good laugh about it later.

Dream List

Richard Simmons is an American fitness instructor, actor, and comedian. Dancing With The Oldies is a show where Richard Simmons instructs fitness to older people.  I think he good by doing this because some older people aren’t very active.

“Some people think we shouldn’t even play the game,” to me that means that some people don’t want us to try our hardest because they know we won’t do good anyways. I think you should always try your hardest no matter what anyone else thinks.

I could probably listen to “Unchained Melody” for a while, maybe a week until I get bored of it. Such a good song though.


Instructions for a Bad Day

Empathy is the ability to understand another persons feelings and putting yourself in their shoes. I think that empathy is something that is made because you can’t just be born and be able to understand others feelings while they’re around you.

Many people mix up empathy and sympathy, empathy is when your able to understand others feelings, sympathy is when you feel bad for someone. As you get older your brain gets larger and filled with more knowledge. Like your brain, empathy develops and you get to see how other people are feeling as you get older.


Females scientifically tend to be more empathetic than males.  Empathy could be learned but I think that it would take a while to build up to something like that. Nero plasticity is the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience.

Empathy is important because you need to know how you would feel if you were to hurt someones feelings how you would like it if someone did that to you. If we didn’t have empathy life would be very rough and everyone would probably be rude and mean to each other all the time and never knowing how others feel. Empathy is holding everyone together.

Happy Camper

The typical problems facing teens in this generation is technology. Now a days most kids have some type of cellular device. I mean there is really nothing wring with saying ” whats wrong with teens today ” because to be honest I think it is somewhat true. Teens are on their devices way too much nowadays. On the other hand it is kind of offense to teens and might be discouraging them.

People born in our generation are better and brighter, we are more intelligent, more athletic, and according to Mark Shake and bake, better looking. Kids in our parents generation were in way less trouble than kids are today. For example, kids back in the day their parents know exactly who they were hanging out with and when. Now parents don’t have any idea who they talk to or hang out with because of social media. You meet people through the internet more often than you do in real life now.

By 1940 all women over Canada could vote, and 1920 women in the USA could vote.

I have left my campsite cleaner than I left it. Someone was sitting alone at lunch so I invited her over to sit with me and we actually had fun hanging out together. I could tell she was happy when I asked, and it made me happy  because I caused her happiness that lunch.

Connecting the dots to me means that for example if you were struggling on a question in math, or even the whole unit. Then you eventually learn to understand it, means that you connected the dots to figure it out.

I could listen to “You Light Up My Life” by Debby Boon all day if I wanted to, such a jazzy song!

I know that my parents believe in me more than I do because they think that I can get my grades way up there and to be honest I don’t think that I could. I don’t really know anyone I believe in more than they do themselves.

A happy camper is someone who is joyful and happy and can always bring up your spirit when you are feeling sad. You’ll know when your a happy camper because the feeling of making someone happy or even smile, is a great reward for just being as simple as a happy camper.

Stop Counting Crayons

To share means to be happy for one another when something goes right other than to bring them down. When you compare something that means when something good happens to someone. Instead of bringing others down a simple compliment would be a great way to boost their confidence. For example if someone got a dog for their birthday and you didn’t, instead of being jealous and rude about it, share their happiness with them.

                                                            AP colouring in grade two is unreasonable for young children because there are so many lines that you need to colour in and it is very hard for the kids to stay within them. A more reasonable colouring for grade 2 would have more wide open spaces to colour so it is on their skill level.

When babies look in the mirror they are very happy about what they are seeing and love their reflections. As we grow older, we start to notice our flaws and don’t get the same happiness of what we had as a child. We can learn some things from babies looking in a mirror like being happy with your body and what you look like no matter what.

Some other things we can learn from this video is that we should move forwards not backwards. That means instead of worrying about the past or slowing yourself down for doing things you might not be proud of, to keep moving on with your life and make better decisions. Something else that was mentioned in the video is that we should not take away from someones joy. When someone is happy about something, don’t bring them down and think you are better than them to make you feel better about yourself.

The four words ” stop counting the crayons ” helped Mark stop comparing and start sharing.

Keri was here!

                                                        Mark mentions a passenger, he is talking about whether you want to just go along with what everyone else is doing and not participating in activities. When he mentions the driver he means do you want to take action and go your own way. His warning about ” as soon as I ” is telling us to go do something you want to do, or do something before its too late. Holding something off doesn’t make it any better. Keri asked ” where did the last 20 years go? ” She was talking about making the best of your life, don’t waste it. When you are older you will regret not doing some of the things you wish you have done when you were younger.