On The Sidewalk Bleeding Evan Hunter


On the Sidewalk Bleeding

Evan Hunter

1.   The protagonist, Andy, is a sixteen-year-old boy that who was once proud to be a “Royal” but isn’t anymore. He was on his way back from getting a pack of cigarettes and go back to his girl Laura. Walking down the back alley all he could remember was being stabbed by the Guardians. Laying wet in the rain he wasn’t sure if he was dying or even what the time was. The only thing he did know was he was all alone. Andy is worried about Laura and he didn’t want to die. He laid there thinking about his and Laura’s future together. They would get married, have kids, and maybe even live in the Bronx or Staten Island. Andy loved Laura and he felt a little emotional thinking about her every now and then. Even his life was pouring out there was a little hope for Laura, love, and family too. It was a tragedy for Andy to die and the worst part was he didn’t even have a choice now. Every time someone came by the only way Andy could communicate was through his eyes and he couldn’t tell if they could understand. Andy knew that he had to take off the jacket because he finally realized that the jacket was robbing his life and the jacket got stabbed not Andy. The symbol of being a Royal was broken.

2.   As Andy is laying in the rain there are many conflicts that happen. The drunk man stumbles upon Andy and only sees another drunk that’s needs his help. The old man offers Andy a drink but when Andy refuses the bottle, the man knows that the only person he’s helping is himself. Being wrong about the world, the man even doesn’t call a cop because what he thinks is that Andy doesn’t want him to see him drunk. The man leaves and the only thing he leaves behind is the fact that he was a bully and a bystander. Next the couple. Angela, the girl, is one of those people who only cares about herself and what she looks like. She was a hubris human being. At first they don’t even know that Andy is there until they hear a strange noise. With no courage and a silly little phobia, Angela asks her boyfriend, Freddie, to go see what it is out there. They know now that there is a hurt boy but the only thing they see is a Royal. The couple leaves only because he’s a Royal and now they are bystanders as well. The deaf, poor old lady comes across Andy but doesn’t even have one little realization that he is there. Andy sees her pick “treasures” from the garbage and it was absurd to do that. Although the only thing Andy could think of is that he feels like a big, old piece of garbage. It was an existential crisis to not know what to feel exactly. The most important conflict in the story was the jacket. The fact that the only reason why Andy died was the jacket and everyone hated the jacket not Andy.

3.   In the beginning of the story it says that on Andy’s jacket there is stitching that say ANDY and ROYAL and to Andy that was once a huge meaning. When the Guardians stabbed Andy however the words “That’s for you Royal” scarred Andy. Once Andy realizes he’s dying he knows that the jacket and the term Royal once had a meaning but no more. Andy remembered when the Royal’s took him in and he was so proud but that was a memory that had to be forgotten. The only reason that the couple didn’t help him was because he was a Royal and they didn’t want to get caught by the Guardians. At the end of the story when Andy takes off the jacket he decides that he wants to die as Andy and not a Royal. He was Andy.

4.   The man that comes along sees Andy and just thinks he another drunk. The jacket affects the man because to the man Andy just seems like another guy and it’s his fault to be back in the alley. The man doesn’t actually know who Andy is. The purple jacket affects the couple the most. When they find out that a Royal is hurt they don’t know whether to help him or not. Freddie wants to help him but thinks that if he calls a cop then the Guardians will find out and they won’t be to happy with him. Angela doesn’t know if they should help him because what if the Guardians found out and she would be very afraid to overcome them. At the end when the cop finds Andy the only person he knows him by is a Royal.

5.   Thinking he’s drunk the man can’t tell that Andy is really hurt. Although trying to help Andy, the man offers the bottle to Andy. Even though the man is not wise he does know that Andy is too young to be drinking anyway so the only reason he uses this solution is to help himself with another drink. “I gotta good mind to call a cop” the man says but again in his messed up mind he thinks that Andy doesn’t want to be seen drunk in a back alley. He leaves thinking he helped but only leaves as a bully. When the couple comes they don’t know what’s going on at first until they hear a noise. They go out to see what its is and when they see the jacket they take a problem that should be easy to solve and make it difficult. The name Royal to them only meant Guardian and that meant they would be done. What if they called a cop and the Guardians found out. They didn’t help Andy because of two things: no courage and a silly fear. Being deaf means that you don’t really know what is going on and that’s what happened to Andy and the old lady. The lady didn’t actually know Andy was there, the only thing important to her was herself and finding herself treasures.

6.   When Andy finally realized that he was dying was when he started to think of Laura. He didn’t want to die at the age of sixteen, he felt that he hasn’t even lived yet. He hasn’t done, seen, or been anywhere. He was going to marry Laura, start a family, and live at the Bronx or Staten Island. He hasn’t lived yet. Filled with sadness, aloneness, feverish, and chilled Andy just kept thinking and wondering about Laura.

7.   With the last of his strength, Andy takes off his purple, silk, Royal’s jacket. He is for certain that he does not want to die as a Royal but as Andy. The jacket now was just a stupid, meaningless thing that was robbing his life. The jacket that once was something that meant something to Andy, who he was proud to become one was now something that he hated and wanted nothing to do with now.


9.   He was happy and proud to die as Andy. When the cop comes to Andy he doesn’t really know who Andy is. All the cop sees is a Royal.In the back Laura is telling him who he is but the cop does not listen. The main message in the story is to just be yourself and nobody else and the cop is making this story that doesn’t even involve the actual person who died. The police officer was writing a story that isn’t even about Andy, the real person who died.

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