My Blueprint

My blueprint is a great website. The programs that it offers are very useful in your future life. On the side it starts with “home” where many different features come up such as “dashboard”. In dashboard it gives you several¬†options for checking out different colleges and universities which is very helpful for your future career. Another helpful thing that the dashboard does is suggest many different occupations ideas. Need to look at recent articles then also look at dashboard. Next on home you can look at different “activities”. It tells you how many you’ve completed and counts your points for finishing activities. You can win prizes for completing activities. The activities consist of things like “add two goals” or “plan courses for grade 10”. “Goals” is another part of home which allows you to set goals for yourself as well as offer you ideas for setting goals. You are able to create your portfolio on “portfolios” which is also very helpful in the future. Underneath “home” you can find “who am I” which allows you to do different surveys such as finding out your learning style, interests, and personality. “Occupation matches”, “post-secondary matches”, and “course matches” are also there to let you find what you are very good at and what your future career might be. Under “high school” it ables you to make a plan for your high school courses and find out what your want to take. “Post-secondary” gives you a chance to find out your apprenticeship. Pick a industry sector, red seal, and the program length. It also gives you suggestions. Under “college and universities” it makes it able to pick your category, province, institution, and requirement. For your “workplace” it gives you a category then tells you the estimated salary. Search for an occupation under “work”. Occupations again help you find your career, education, and estimated salary. Need to do your resume then go to “resumes”. This will help you plan and make your resume as well and offer you some advice to make it that much better. Make a cover letter with a little guidance to perfect yours. Lastly in work find your dream job. Enter what job your looking for then tell where you want to be. It will give you thousands of options like and Operational Supervisor-Enforcement in Edmonton, AB. Don’t know how to budget then look for “money” on the side. Take a look at some examples to help your understanding of budgeting. Last on the list is “guides and articles”. Guides gives you so much more information about everything such as resumes or goal settings. Articles help you make everything so much easier and help you make everything that more perfect. If you need help for your future then go to my blueprint.

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