myBlueprint-Who Am I-Learning style survey

My number one learning style is kinesthetic. I learn by touching and doing things to keep me motivated and busy. Whenever I am doing something I need to be active, take breaks, and show people what I’m talking about using hand gestures. When choosing an activity for school I usually prefer more hands-on and if there something that I have to listen or watch I tend to fidget with my pencil or tap my foot. There are things however that I learn better auditorily or visually. My brain works in a very active way. It sometimes seems that it’s always thinking about different things and that it’s just alway active. When it comes to remembering names and stories I have a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about. To remember names and people I usually think of what they look or what they did that stood out. When it comes to books I have to think of the picture that came to my mind or sometimes even what I was doing when I read that part. There are a few things that I know I learn better by watching or listening but for the most part I am a kinesthetic learner.

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