Translations: Idea to Image #2

A society in which greed surrounds

Rules are as common as water in a ocean

Obstacles are found in every corner

The only heroes are the government themselves

Days pass by with zero sense of living


One man, tired of all the deja vu

Takes a journey to who knows where

It is a risk, for he could get caught

Thrown in prison for as long as his heart beats

But it is a risk he is willing to take


On the hill no one dares to cross

The man stares at the grey, dead village

A village where he knows he’s not meant to stay

One thousand and one emotions run through his body

He’s ready to see a world beyond any dream


Green valleys, blue skies, a bright yellow sun

A place he’s never seen in his whole life

A place he never knew even existed in this world

Joy fills him like rain filling a puddle

It was a behind him, waiting for him


He hears the screaming and sorrow behind him

Knows hw must run as far away as possible

He must find a place where he can be free forever

Find a home, find love, find a life worth living

Now that he’s free, he has the whole world to explore


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