Word Craft: Sunrise on the Veld

Vigilant- Remaining vigilant all night and counting the hours as he lay relaxed in sleep. To remain vigilant is to be very focused, always on guard. Lessing uses this word in a way that shows a big part of the boy’s energy. Although he is asleep the “dark part of his mind” is still awake, waiting for the moment to come. Everyone of us as a “darker part of the mind” that wants power, that wants to control over ourselves. The devil wants to control over God and is always vigilant to receive that power. The contrast between light and dark is everywhere including inside of our minds, a voice that wants us to “sleep” and a side that must stay awake and vigilant to prove that they are dominant. To remain vigilant in this story is to prove to ourselves that we all have a part of our mind wanting to it is better than the other side even though it is not successful all the time.   


Superfluity- He was clean crazy, yelling mad with the joy of living and superfluity of youth. Everyone of us experiences a superfluity of youth. It’s to be wild, joyful, enjoying this crazy thing called life. Doris Lessing shows us the importance of why we should all be as excited with life as much as the boy in the story. There’s a world out in front of us waiting to be explored, waiting for that joy inside of us all to come out. God gave us laughter, happiness, a little craziness for a reason and that reason is for the whole world to see. We all have that urge to go out and express this superfluity just like the boy, we all want control and we all want for the world to listen to us. Everyone on this planet has that superfluity of youth inside them.    


Tumult- He rushed down the vlei under a tumult of crimson and gold, while all the birds of the world sang around him. A violent, cruel, dome that thinks it’s superior over everyone and everything on the earth. In the story is contradicts the sentence before it: with the joy of living and a superfluity of youth because even though the boy is running freely and thinks that nothing can stop him, there is a sky above that represents violence as if were a trap. The idea that its is crimson and gold is only just a warning that the boy clearly doesn’t notice. We all are distracted by power that we don’t see the real power that hovers right above us.


Vaguely- There were small twitches from the mass that still looked vaguely like the shape of a small animal. Vague is a term used to describe something that isn’t very clear. The boy can still see that strong buck but only a little. When things may seem clear in life, there are always “ants” that get in our way and block that clarity. God has a plan for everyone and in the beginning it starts all clear but time passes by and the devil and sin comes in. This makes these plans vague which is exactly what happens to the boy. He had a clear shot but he waited and not soon after sin or the ants get in his way making his shot more vague.   


Foliage- He was walking swiftly through the dark tunnel of foliage that in day-time was a road.  The foliage are the leaves a tree or plant. Lessing’s use of this word describes the path that the boy takes from his safe, light home to the dangerous and dark woods. The walking from the known to the unknown. The tunnel that is either full and bright or it’s falling, crashing down because the time is up. You never know what to expect when walking through a foliage between light and darkness.


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