Who Is Jesus by Peter Kreeft

Who Is Jesus by Peter Kreeft

Who Is Jesus by Peter Kreeft is the reading focused on two men named Sal and Chris. Sal is a sceptic who seeks honestly for the truth of who Jesus is really while Chris is the teacher trying to explain to Sal the truth of who Jesus is. Chris talks about the truth behind Christianity, focusing on the most important aspects of how to seek Jesus. Suffering with Jesus and his love, praying, promising, overcoming our fear of love, and most importantly just being honest. The meaning behind this reading is learning what Christianity is based off of, why we worship this man, why he is the reason we do what we do.

Even if there are human beings that do not believe in Jesus, no matter who we are, Jesus loves us and He was willing to suffer himself so that we could be free. He loves us so much that He still suffers with us wherever we are. In the reading, Sal first asks Chris where was Jesus during the holocaust but Chris replies by saying that Jesus was in the oven with them. The question, who is Jesus, is simple in its complexity. We know that Jesus was a Jew but Jesus is also love and so these two characteristics of Jesus are the basis for Chris’s answer to Sal. It was the Jews that were punished during the holocaust, and so when they suffered, Jesus suffered with them not only because he was also a Jew but because he loves us so much. There is a scripture in the Bible talking about God’s love and how Jesus died on the cross so that we may be free from sins and it is, God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Although we all sin and suffer while doing so, Jesus will always love us so matter what and he is willing to take the ultimate suffering so that we can live better lives.

As non-believers and even Christians, we are constantly seeking for God. And Chris tells Sal that we can do this by prayer. By having this conversation with Christ, we are able to be honest without the worry of God not forgiving us. When we are honest through prayer, that connection between us and Jesus only increases because Jesus knows that we trust in him. 1 John 5:14 says that, This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. So even if we are scared or think that talking to someone we don’t believe in is dishonest, God still wants us to talk to him as long as we are doing it with honesty. Even if we talk to him about disbelieving, that is still being honest. It is easy for is to lie to our parents but lying towards God is completely different. When we lie to God, it is almost that we are being honest to him that we don’t want him in our lives, so it is almost impossible to lie to God. Another reason why prayer is the best way to find God is because there is no right or wrong way to do so only as long as we are being honest. There are many lines in the reading that could be put together to make a prayer and here is an example of a prayer of the sceptic:


How can I pray if I don’t believe? That’s dishonest

Would you call me a prophet if I said I was God?

Why? Why are you looking for a way out? What are you afraid of?

Aren’t you afraid someone will with weak faith will read this and lose his faith

Yes, but the argument isn’t the objective of my faith: he is

I do really want to know. I want a way in, not a way out: a way to find out what’s true

Who do you say Jesus is, then?

A good man

Is God. He’s alive. He rose from the dead

You don’t blame me for questioning it, then?

For human beings it is very difficult for us to keep a promise but for God, his promises are the most sacred, the most impossibly breakable promises known. We ask God all the time, when we will find him but the problem with humans is the impatience that comes with everything and we expect that when we ask God to help us, it will happen in the next five minutes. But nowhere in the bible does it mention when we will find God, but rather we will find him. As we are all honest seekers at some point, we want to know the truth that God and Jesus are real and so we ask and wait but it’s not the waiting that is important, it is that we must believe God will be there for us when we need him and this is exactly what God promises to us. God will and will always love us and guide us whether it is tomorrow, or in ten years but we will find him.

Why are non-believers reluctant to say Jesus is 100% God? The answer to this is quite simple, it is because we are afraid to love and Jesus is love and do we are afraid to love Jesus. When humans love most of the time it results in us suffering, angry, and miserable. It may be because someone very close to us passed away, or a broken heart that made us never want to love again but when it comes to loving Jesus, we put that fear in front of us because we are too scared to love again. The lost of trust and honesty that those loved one may have told us was broken, and so a fear that we can lo longer trust fades away. If we cannot trust those that meant to much to us, why should we trust someone that may not even exist? The answer to this question however is Lewis Trilemma. We know that God cannot be a liar or a lunatic, so he must be Lord. No matter what we can always trust in God’s love even if we are reluctant to do so. For humans love is a tragedy but for God, it is always true.

Just be honest. As humans, we are all honest seekers and we live wanting to know the moral truth. So when we want honesty, it is our duty to just be honest. Relating to the Nike slogan, Just Do It, just being honest is almost the same thing. Nike is telling us to just go and do what you should do, but be honest about it. Jesus is honesty also, so trying to find this honesty isn’t that hard in the first place because it is easy to find Jesus which, as said before, can be done by praying to him. Don’t try to argue or even compliment Jesus, just be honest towards him and in return not only do we get his honesty but also his most trusted love. In the reading, Who Is Jesus?, Chris is telling Sal about the existence to Jesus and in reply Sal says, “That’s a clever argument” but Chris tells Sal in return that he is not looking for a compliment but rather honesty. God does not want us to praise every time someone explains his existence, God just wants us to be honest with him, ask him why they are sceptics. Jesus, I trust in You.

From these ways, we can more deeply understand who Jesus really is and it is from these ways that we believe so much in Him. Just by praying, promising, seeking, confessing, and suffering, our relationship with The Big Man Upstairs is so much greater than it was before. The reading, Who Is Jesus by Peter Kreeft is a great explanation for the understanding of not only Jesus, but his other beings, a Father, and the Holy Spirit.


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