Ideal Marriage

Beginning as a child, my idea of an ideal marriage has increased steadily over throughout my life. Based on trust, humility, kindness and humour, I picture the perfect married life to have cooperation with the other person involved. In order for a relationship to work, there must be strong trust present and where either people do not have to question what it going on in the other person’s mind. An ideal marriage must also have humility and kindness towards the other person. It is unhealthy for one of the members to think themselves superior to the other, therefore a healthy marriage must be humble. For example, if there is superiority within a relationship, the other may have no freedom or control. Having a balanced relationship created more opportunities for that marriage. Another aspect of an ideal marriage is kindness. Marriages that do not contain kindness to either people and for any chance in success in a marriage, both partners need to be kind towards each other. Although trust, humility, and kindness are extremely important for an ideal marriage, I believe that the most important aspect for a long-lasting relationship is humour. They say that laughter is the best medicine and in the case of married life, not being able to make the other laugh, creates a very dull life. Having the ability to make the other laugh creates happiness within both lives, resulting in a more healthy lifestyle. I believe all of these attributes are what make up the most ideal marriage.

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