Five Easy Pieces

His strong yet gentle hands warm the people he cares for

They provide comfort as I cry in my room

Letting me know everything’s going to be alright


They wrap around me, not letting me go

Holding me tight against his heart

Wiping all my worries away


The Cook Islands are a lost, lonely child

A loneliness of what I am feeling

A small piece of land in a wide, open ocean


I look into his blue, soft eyes

Ask him a question I’ve been waiting to ask

“Would you take me to a place where loneliness surrounds?”


He smiles with a tear rolling down his face

“I will never let you go and you will never be alone,

I am always here beside you”

An Emotional Landscape

We’re all crammed in the back

I in the middle and brother and sister beside me

It’s a long journey

But it is worth the drive


We stop to take a break

We all pizza except Mom herself likes subs

Then we get right back on the road

Waste no time at all


Almost at our destination

We sing to the music to pass time

Play a game our dad taught us long time ago

Close our eyes and let time pass by


A tall, blue house catches our eyes

We know the people inside will be happy to see us

Right across the field is where we will be stopping

A faint smile runs across our faces


Down the rough, gravel driveway

A family of seven all lined up

We jump out of the vehicle

One of the happiest moments of all

Ten Minute Spill

She told herself to jump off a cliff

It pained her like a needle in her skin

Mother told her “No”

Don’t do before you think,

She stood on the edge of her death

Thought about the rest of her life

The sweet taste of a big, juicy strawberry

Laying on the grass making pictures in the clouds

The whir of the wind blowing in her hair

The voice of mother speaking of love and care

Translation: Idea to Image #1

He is left alone on a battlefield

Happiness and laughter are nothing more that memories

The crows fly above him with a sacrifice in sight

For him the only light seen, is the light of death

Everyone else lies unknown


It’s a place where the sun never wakes

A place where living soil turns to dirt with no life at all

Rain falls like a broken chandelier crashing on a marble floor

The wind howls as if it has won the battle

And the sky is none other than a grey blur of sorrow


Six of his allies carry the intense weight on their shoulders

A pain that hurts a little more than death

They carry their once known friend down a aisle that never ends

A piece of red and white fabric drapes over a box of rest

A piece of fabric showing everyone the hero inside


A young, beautiful women watches with her two gentle children

Shedding tears as rapid as waterfalls in the mountains

She sits by her mother-in-law, hands held tight

Clothed in black, the colour of when one is lost

A son, a husband, a father gone to bed forever


Now a new place where light overcomes all things dark

A new place where smiles are seen in every direction

Amazing, incredible, and beauty are all but understatements

Dreams come alive but yet it was never a dream at all

A place that is real and he is too

Found Poem #1

I’m Waiting for Her


I will be here

Gazing out at the multicoloured sea of humanity

I’ve been waiting my whole life

I’m her man of mystery


Tuesdays. I hate the Tuesdays

Ignore the rules and concentrate on the people

I will take it from here

I will catch and release


You are a coward

You watch yourself

You’re here for a reason, and that reason is us

A man with money or a man with love


America, for five minutes is open

You will not step one foot in America

Something a guy like you will never understand

What is the purpose of your visit?


I go to New York

I’m talking about human dignity

Please step back into line sir

I waiting for her

myBlueprint-Who Am I-Interests survey

On the myBlueprint interests survey it said that I am a shepherd. This means that my two primary interests traits are social and artistic. I am patient and generous with my time and want to spend most of my time helping others. When I am older I might want to be a creative teacher or advisor and teach people about how to be better people. Working in large groups or teams would help me because shepherds need a different variety now and then. If you need someone who will understand and give you support then going to a shepherd like me would be a great choice.

myBlueprint-Who Am I-Personality survey

After doing the personality survey on myBlueprint it said I was a INFP (healer). I am a creative, artistic person that believes everyone individual is equal. My energy is focused on staying positive and to always follow my heart. Independence is something that helps me guide toward my actions. Caring for the people who are most important to me and helping others who have a disability or sickness is very important. I try to be flexible to all situations that pass by and always try to avoid the one that do no good. If someone is feeling dark pain I put myself to them and try my best to help them. When something sad comes up in my life I tend to find it difficult to overcome the problem quickly. I am devoted to make a good living that will make a difference in many people’s lives.

myBlueprint-Who Am I-Learning style survey

My number one learning style is kinesthetic. I learn by touching and doing things to keep me motivated and busy. Whenever I am doing something I need to be active, take breaks, and show people what I’m talking about using hand gestures. When choosing an activity for school I usually prefer more hands-on and if there something that I have to listen or watch I tend to fidget with my pencil or tap my foot. There are things however that I learn better auditorily or visually. My brain works in a very active way. It sometimes seems that it’s always thinking about different things and that it’s just alway active. When it comes to remembering names and stories I have a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about. To remember names and people I usually think of what they look or what they did that stood out. When it comes to books I have to think of the picture that came to my mind or sometimes even what I was doing when I read that part. There are a few things that I know I learn better by watching or listening but for the most part I am a kinesthetic learner.

My Blueprint

My blueprint is a great website. The programs that it offers are very useful in your future life. On the side it starts with “home” where many different features come up such as “dashboard”. In dashboard it gives you several options for checking out different colleges and universities which is very helpful for your future career. Another helpful thing that the dashboard does is suggest many different occupations ideas. Need to look at recent articles then also look at dashboard. Next on home you can look at different “activities”. It tells you how many you’ve completed and counts your points for finishing activities. You can win prizes for completing activities. The activities consist of things like “add two goals” or “plan courses for grade 10”. “Goals” is another part of home which allows you to set goals for yourself as well as offer you ideas for setting goals. You are able to create your portfolio on “portfolios” which is also very helpful in the future. Underneath “home” you can find “who am I” which allows you to do different surveys such as finding out your learning style, interests, and personality. “Occupation matches”, “post-secondary matches”, and “course matches” are also there to let you find what you are very good at and what your future career might be. Under “high school” it ables you to make a plan for your high school courses and find out what your want to take. “Post-secondary” gives you a chance to find out your apprenticeship. Pick a industry sector, red seal, and the program length. It also gives you suggestions. Under “college and universities” it makes it able to pick your category, province, institution, and requirement. For your “workplace” it gives you a category then tells you the estimated salary. Search for an occupation under “work”. Occupations again help you find your career, education, and estimated salary. Need to do your resume then go to “resumes”. This will help you plan and make your resume as well and offer you some advice to make it that much better. Make a cover letter with a little guidance to perfect yours. Lastly in work find your dream job. Enter what job your looking for then tell where you want to be. It will give you thousands of options like and Operational Supervisor-Enforcement in Edmonton, AB. Don’t know how to budget then look for “money” on the side. Take a look at some examples to help your understanding of budgeting. Last on the list is “guides and articles”. Guides gives you so much more information about everything such as resumes or goal settings. Articles help you make everything so much easier and help you make everything that more perfect. If you need help for your future then go to my blueprint.

Who I Am?

Who Am I?

Amanda Collins

I like who I am. When people ask what I think of myself the first thing I tell them is “I’m happy”. I do not have a personal motto but one motto that I love is “Any happier I’d be twins”. It just makes me realize if there was another me I would have the best friend ever. When people look at me I think they see a quite yet outgoing person that is just ready to jump out any time. The thing though that I get called the most is funny and happy. Making people laugh and make them smile is the thing that makes me the most proud to be me. Just to think that you could be making someone’s day is so awesome. I want people to know that I’m here if they need their spirits lifted.

The symbol that most represents me is probably nature. When I see a picture of nature it’s like my negativity just goes away and I feel so relaxed. I also think that sports are a symbol of myself. Volleyball and soccer mainly are a huge part of me. I like being competitive and showing others that I am a little athletic and what I do, I do fairly well at.

Music is not just a big part of my family but me. I did do piano and I liked it but it wasn’t right. I have switched to the ukulele and I do love it but when I say I love music I mean listening to other people play what they love. That is another thing that just calms me right down.

When I am older I will probably go to University of Alberta and later start a family that I hope will love me and be proud to have a person like me in their life. I hope to maybe go into education or do a physical education program. I want to help others and help them to learn from my experiences.

If there is one thing that I dislike about myself is that I get stressed out very easily. If something is due soon or there is a hard test coming up then I will worry and that does not make me feel good about myself. There are a few other things that I dislike about myself such always thinking too much about things or always trying to be perfect. Other than that I like who I am and any happier I’d be twins.