My personality is I Introverted N intuiting T Thinking and J Judging, which stands for INTJ. First one is I for Introverted, meaning that I am a person who does not have very many friends I’m quiet an do not like the SPOTLIGHT or when teachers ask me a question when my hand isn’t raised (If my hand isn’t raised it means I don’t know).

Next is Intuiting, meaning when I don’t know something I try to make connections with something I already know. It also means that I am an Abstract thinker, meaning that I am a general thinker. Ex. A concrete thinker would think of a particular tree but an abstract learner would think of many different kinds of trees.

Thinking, meaning I make business decisions (I don’t think personally). I am uncaring and am focused on the final product, Ex. Spending more time on the final project (details, etc.)

Last but not least Judging. Meaning I have good judgement and sense and am thoughtful when making decisions, and very logical (takes in every point and analyses it).I also like planning for the next day and is most of the time organised. Ex, I like picking out my clothes for the next day and making my lunch the night before school so it’s not a mess.

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