For the little quiz, I was given lots of questions that didn’t suit me that well because I would like to be a surgical nurse, it was hard because there was barely any questions about medicine. But it did give me a few which decided that I am apparently 72% science, 50% social science,44% physical education and 44% language arts. I’m into science but not a technical science like computers and engineering, instead, I like medicinal science, for example, surgery, care and helping people.

  It might have put me in social science because I think it would be cool to investigate a crime scene or try an escape room, working with others to get out or solve things as a team. The social part of social science is to understand society and how it works ( which I don’t really understand, all I know about society is how it pressures everyone to be one way, “perfect”.) Physical education wrote that I show interest in understanding how the body works and how I could help with its needs, that I think is very important for being a nurse (basically helping people with their needs,) and to live a long healthy life. Language arts wrote that I read or should read deeper and more meaningful texts, I do, do so but I prefer to read a serious text and then a fun text around the same time. For instants at school and at home, two different books going at the same time. One book is serious the other is fun and not as serious.


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