Multiple “Signs” of Intelligence

Task 1

*Set D-Amélie *

~How is Jesus described in this passage?

Jesus is described as a light in the darkness, and that he helped create and shape man to be good-hearted, also how he overcame the darkness and how the darkness did not overcome him.

~How does Jesus speak about the second coming?

He talks about the world ending, and how after the suffering he will send out angles to gather his chosen ones from the world.

~Ezekiel uses (music/ logic/images or human relationships) to help understand God.

I think he uses images/spatial because it is very descriptive and goes very in-depth about the creatures and how they look/act.

*Set G-Amelie

~Who does Paul talk about as he tries to explain law and grace?

He talks about how when he wants to do something good evil tries to overcome him, so I think that he was talking about the devil and sins. Also about God and how once he does something good he feels God’s presence in his life. Paul says that when he is alone or deep in thought  (the law of mind) makes him think about his sins.

~What does Paul say helped reveal the power and the Spirit?

He said that he did not come all confident and arrogant but he came trembling and afraid but once he spoke the word of Jesus Christ he felt fulfilled and thought that the people appreciated it more.

~Paul understands that in his ________ the _____ that God has given him is visible.

Paul understands that in his (Wounds) the (Grace) that God has given him is visible.


Task 2

*2 people whose understanding of Jesus is rooted in the intelligence of relationships~Amélie: Martha & Peter.


*3 passages that rely on spatial intelligence~Amélie: Ezekiel 1:4-28, 2 Chronicles 5:11-14 & John 13:3-10.

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