On The Sidewalk Bleeding- Who am I?

Who am I?

I am Amélie and I try to go by the ten commandments. I also usually go by the motto “would an idiot do that?”- Dwight Schrute (from the show the office), I also just say to myself to try my best and even if I do horrible I know that I at least tried.

When I fail at something I seek for help or comfort. What keeps me going is the Yin and Yang symbol (☯), the good is white and the bad is black and the good is in the bad and bad is in the good, so I always know that there is a balance. If God puts me on a different path that I may not be used to I can always picture this symbol as comfort to know that there will always be some good in the bad.

I usually have a positive view on myself if I do good on a test or an assignment. I also love drawing when I have a positive attitude, reading helps me take my mind off certain things when I’m worried. I love playing cards too when I’m feeling good (and I think I’m rather good at them too) when I shuffle the cards it helps me relax and get ready to have fun.
I’m very keen for trying to become a better learner and absorb the information I’m given, I aspire to have really good grades and to become something that will make a difference. I thought that I wanted to be a nurse but now I’m not too sure what I want to be, I just want to be someone that helps the world go round. I want to have more fun and be proud of what I achieve. Speaking French and drawing is something that I really like about myself, I can draw pretty good if I try but I would like to practice and become even better.
I also want to improve my ability to be happy and to stay positive through thick and thin. I want to improve on my grades, my health and I want to improve on self-control (like not feeding my addiction to clothes). I want to speak more French with my family and my friends, I want to practice my French before I forget how to speak well.

All in all, I need to improve on myself and also need to be grateful for who I am and what I can do with my talents.

By: Amélie.D

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