My Favourite Hobbies

My three favourite hobbies are drawing, painting and reading. Drawing helps me express my emotion, and showcase my talents. I enjoy drawing because it’s my creative outlet. When I work on a piece for a long period of time, I feel very accomplished and I count it as an achievement. Drawing is very independent unless you are working with someone else because you are using your own style and most likely your own ideas. Here are some of my drawings:


 Painting is bolder and has more colour in it than a drawing. I like to paint because it adds more beauty to the world. Sometimes a piece needs colour to bring it to life. Painting and colour matching can be very time consuming, so when I finally finish a painting I am usually very proud of myself. Although I will take constructive criticism, I am most often working on a piece by myself, and find ways to fix the problem on my own. Here are some of my paintings: 


When I read I feel like I’m in another world. My imagination may not be as vibrant or outgoing than movies, but I still imagine (to the best of my abilities) every detail the author describes. I very much enjoy reading, because once I have finished a book or series I feel as though I am completed, and a checkmark goes off in my head when I’m finished. I also enjoy my alone time and reading is perfect, it’s entertaining and keeps me wanting more information.

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