Why does God Allow Suffering?

          God allows us to suffer because he wants us to be free. He allows us to do anything because he gave us free will, a choice to choose right from wrong. God wants us to choose right, but he doesn’t force us to. If God decided to use his power like Superman in the injustice series, we wouldn’t be free and 0ver time wouldn’t feel. If God eliminated all bad things, he would also eliminate freedom in the process. He chooses to give us free will so we can be like him, free. God could’ve chosen to vanquish all evil but instead, he kept physical evil and moral evil. When there is natural evil like a tornado that destroys is called physical evil, and moral evil, which we humans cause. All the pain we go through matters our suffering matters, mercy having the time and freedom to choose, Jesus doesn’t take away our pain, he transforms it so we can begin the process of healing. Nothing given to God is ever wasted, so give it to God. 

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