The True Test of Character: Keep Awake

John Wooden once said “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” Any person would try to conform to society rules and etiquette. They do this to try to get the favor of the group and not be left out, but with no one watching, you can do things without being seen. This reveals your true character, without the filter of peer pressure. It shows how you would truly act in situations where you’d normally try to blend in, or gain favor of the group. In Matthew 24:37-44, it talks about God coming at an unexpected time. If we were to know when he’s coming, We would polish up ourselves at the last moment, just to seem as if we were good. Just like the owner in Mathew 24:37-44, if he knew when the burglar would come, he would prepare for the robbery. It is important for us to know, that when you think no one’s watching, remember God knows your intentions, and he may come at any time, so be prepared for when God comes, he may even come tomorrow.


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