myBlueprint: Who Am I? Learning Styles Survey

The way I use my brain is mostly for making scenarios, like if I was a programmer, what kind of games would I make, or what would they be about. And other times I just plan what i’m gonna do in the future.
I stink at remembering things I read, unless I find it interesting, then I’ll be okay, this is why I can’t just read through the social textbook to study.
For me, I’m HORRIBLE with names, even the people I know, I still manage to mix their names up. When I came to school, I’ve called Mrs Moore, “Mom”  for a two months. For a while when I was 4 or 5, I didn’t know my dad’s name, I thought his name was, dad, it’s sad, but true.
From the survey I took, i’m a Visual-Auditory Learner, this means I learn by listening, and seeing. I think this is understandable. I like things being explained to me, and them showing how it’s done.

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