After taking the knowledge survey, I discovered my top subject is Computers. It’s not too surprising to me, after all, I love computers! I know a lot, but I’d like to learn more! I’d like to learn some hardware fixes, and maybe even to write code. It may be weird, but I’d like to learn how to hack. I might eventually get up to that level, so don’t mess with me… Just kidding! I MEAN IT IM NOT JOKING. 

My other subjects are Science and Creative Arts. I love both of these fields, but Creative Arts takes the cake. I like to call myself a creative person. It’s fun just perceiving something other than it is. You can create your own world, abiding by different rules of physics. I’m hoping I can harness this skill in my future career.

I’m surprised with the test’s accuracy. It displayed a lot of the subjects I liked, and some I didn’t even know I liked. This survey in myBlueprint even shows job fields that coincide with my skills and talents. Taking these surveys may help me to find an occupation that would suit my needs and wants.

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