Qualities of Friendship

When we have friends, we stick with them because there’s something about them, whether that be their personality, their sense of humour, or if your that kind of person, their belongings. Everyone has different traits they look for in a friend when I look for a friend I look for a friend that is…

  • Nice: By nice, I mean a friend who is supportive, polite, a friend who cares about you. Having a friend who is nice is just pleasant to be around. When you have a companion who is mean, there just bad to be around. When I look for a friend, the first thing I try to find is a friend who is nice.
  • Faithful: I want a friend who’s Catholic or at least someone who I can talk to theologically. This would be someone I could go to church with, someone I could discuss the readings with, someone who I can practice religious debates with.
  • Trustworthy: I’d like to be able to trust them with sensitive information that I’d otherwise not tell anyone else. When you have a friend you can trust, you feel more secure about talking freely with them. This would be a friend I could trust with my bank pin or with my PayPal password. On second thought, I think this is has taken a bit too far.
  • Similar interests: I’d like to be able to have nice long conversations about things I enjoy. I’d like to be able to talk about last nights Counter-Strike tournament, or the latest operator in Rainbow 6 Siege. It’s awkward being stuck trying to find what to talk about, so when I look for a friend, I try to find one that’s a bit of a geek as well.
  • Smart: When you’re talking with a smart person, it will never be a boring conversation (well at least for me), you’ll always learn new things when talking to them. Smart people also help give me answers for when I don’t get homework finished (sadly true sometimes).
When we have friends, there’s normally something about them that resonates with us, whether that be their brains or their personality. But when I look for a friend, I look for a kind, Faithful, Trustworthy, Smart, and a friend with similar interests. I’m hoping now that other people might see good traits in me too.