Christianity and Counter-Culture

Christianity has always been a sort of counterculture, now more than ever. They say this, we say that. It seems that a consensus is not so feasible. The morals of Christianity just doesn’t work with western culture. A true example of this would be the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes define what traits will be rewarded in the kingdom of God, traits which our society doesn’t appreciate. Christianity and the Beatitudes are truly countercultures.

Christianity, as we know, is a religion where we follow in the light of God, living our lives as children of God. However, the way God wants us to live contradicts what society wants to enforce. We believe in this, then they want that. God wants us to live in his light, the life that humans were designed for., but society drags us into a world of selfishness, a world where “happiness” is at the edge of your fingers-tips. Christianity, by definition, is truly counterculture to what society expects. Nothing shows this more than the beatitudes.

The Beatitudes, a little poetic verse in the bible that highlights the traits that he will reward in heaven. The meek, the merciful, those who thirst for righteousness, all things that god looks kindly upon. However, the world doesn’t want a person who’s meek, they don’t want someone who thirsts for righteousness. They want someone who stands out, someone who just accepts their worldview, they don’t want people who stand up for their traditions, in fact, they even mock the thought of tradition.

Society is slowly shifting away from God. To the extent where those who have faith are seen as delusional, and defending our faith is seen as an act of “hate”. We as Christians, we are counterculture. It may be hard but we need to stay strong. As the beatitudes state “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”


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