What does it mean to be human

In our universe, there’s the living and the nonliving. It’s what draws the line between a rock and a rabbit. Although a rock is built from the same bits and pieces, one is living, breathing, it can feel, whereas a rock is… a rock. But for us as humans, we are more than just bunnies. We have a consciousness. We have opinions about the world, we have personality. When we see the world, it’s not just a bunch of trees and rocks, we see an opportunity, an opportunity to build our future. Furthermore, we have an immortal soul. We have a nonphysical counterpart which sets us apart from an animal.

You can hold have critical thought. When you look around, you can think and understand why the world does what it does. As humans we have the power of critical thought, we can question the world around us. Without this great gift, we couldn’t have made the wheel, a house, or the most important thing in the world, the internet. This is a big factor that separates us from animals, however, there’s something greater that separates us from them.

When God created us, he granted us another gift, immortal souls. With the soul, comes with consciousness and eternal life. The soul is what gives you the ability to experience the world around you the way you do.  Rather than having a programmed reaction to the world, you can control the way in which you react to your surroundings. You can fight, flight, scream, or even spontaneously give them a hug, it’s your choice.

And with choice, we have the ability to deny our human nature.  By this I mean we have the choice to deny our humanity. I’m not talking about acting like animals (*cough* furries), I’m talking about the acting, like animals. By this, I mean throwing away your humanity and doing horrible activities that only animals would do. Our humanity is unique and important, to throw it away and degrade yourself out of lack of impulse control, is jarring.

In our universe, there’s the living and the nonliving. It’s what draws the line between a rock and a rabbit. However, there is a great difference between us and the other living creatures. We can have the critical thought about our surroundings, we have immortal souls that allows us to have self-awareness, and we can deny our human nature. This is what it means to be human, what separates us from other living things, and even more so from a rock.

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