When it comes to faith, there are people who believe strongly, and there are people who have doubt. I’m not trying to incriminate anyone that doubt’s, it’s in our human nature to doubt, but scientifically there are things in the world that we just can’t prove. We also can’t measure God, it’s like trying to measure how loud something is with a thermometer. We can hardly even describe God. Truly, the existence of God is hard to prove, right?

A prime argument would be that”If you can’t prove scientifically that God exists, then the existence of God is uncertain.” This is a valid argument, but even science has some uncertainty as well. A prime example would be the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. This principle states that the more accurately you measure a particle’s waveform, the more uncertainty you have of its location, and vice-versa. So if you’re a man of science, then you should be familiar with uncertainty.

What makes this uncertainty worse, is that god’s immeasurable. We don’t have a device that can measure holy spirits per centimeter. God is beyond particles and wavelength (even Heisenberg can’t help us). This only leads to a growth in uncertainty of his existence. The only way we can ever become less uncertain of God is to study the world he created, and try to grow an understanding of the world God created.

When it comes to faith, many people have a hard time to grasp it. The Catholic Faith seems to me this convoluted mumbo-jumbo of stories, but it does hold merit. We don’t need to find proof of God’s existence, we’re living in it! The world around us was so carefully constructed, every animal, plant, and particle has its place in this massive creation. Everything was fine tuned so perfectly to support such an array of life. The very angle of the Earth is at a perfect 23.5°, just enough to keep the Earth from having extreme weather. The Earth is also in the perfect spot in the solar system to support life. If that’s not perfect enough, then this will. The only reason that multicellular life was to ever exist, was because of a one in a million chance that a mitochondrion and a cell decided to work together. And you atheists think that was by chance.