The Multiverse and Heaven

The final paper Steven Hawkins has done was about the “Multiverse”. In a nutshell, the multiverse would contain many parallel universes which are somewhat like ours, but just a bit different. Maybe even in one of these universes I left a typo in this esssay. But now with the concern of multiple universes, it brings along an argument over whether we have multiple heavens. Could there be an infinite amount of heavens, for the infinite amount of universes?

The Catholic faith is Monotheistic, meaning we believe in one, and only one God. So it seems kind of ludicrous that God would separate his people into different heavens. Even worse would be the fact that Jesus would have to die for each individual universe. You might point out that in Paul 2 Corinthians, it speaks of a “third heaven”, but it just refers to the physical heaven, the sky. After all, the first and second “heavens” are just the sky and space. Only the “third heaven” is actually the heaven God dwells in.

When the topic of the “multiverse” blends with Christianity, it gets messy. It brings the argument of whether there are multiple heavens or not. In all honesty, I think that the thought of multiple heavens is ludicrous. For all of the years, I’ve gone to church, there has never ever been the talk of “multiple heavens”.  However the existence of multiple universes has yet to be proven, so at the moment, the ideas multiple heavens is false.

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