Gaining Yardage

Gaining yardage, a poem that tells a story about two people who enjoy their time together, but however are not even aware of their friendship. Friendship sometimes is elusive, we sometimes hold a friendship with someone yet don’t even know it. That’s the problem the speakers facing in the story. He feels that he may have a friendship with his neighbour Arlo, but since the word “friendship” never came up, he’s never had any confirmation of it. Strange isn’t it?

The speaker and Arlo, as it seems, are fairly good friends. They seem to enjoy each others company, they help each other out, and they work together well. Although their friendship is strong, it’s funny how they don’t even fully understand whether they’re friends or not. This shows in the inexpressibly of friendship. To be honest, I don’t really think this is true. I can tell if I have a friendship with someone or not.

This poem uses some literary techniques, this would include Jargon. Jargon is a vocabulary used by a specific group or profession. A good example from the poem could be “walking the beans” or “second-string quarterback”.  Jargon would normally only be understood by those in the specific group, explaining why I have no idea what walking the beans means (like are you walking it like a dog or something? What a pet!)  The poem also seems to end it off with a rather odd line. “I suppose we are friends and will be
unless my old man or his decides to move to another part of the country.” If they were friends, this friendship would maintain, even if he moved away (well, if they had phones in the poem.)