The New House

In the poem The New House, it claims that when a person stays at a place, they leave behind a sort of soul-like presence in the place. The poem even describes the words spoken in there, have had their meanings left behind and drained into the floor as if the words spoken have remained in the home even after the people left.

This sort of theme almost indicates that a part of the person’s soul and personality was left behind in their homes. This indicates that people exist beyond their physical presence, which is true. However, I don’t really agree with the fact that a part of them is left behind in the home. It’s not like if I step into McDonald’s, a part of me is in that building.

I believe the name of the poem (The New House) is referencing the fact that the character will be moving to a new home, the new house. If was just talking about any new house, The poem would just be called A New House, not The New House.

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