The 5 Important Qualities of a Political Leader

Every great political leader has qualities that aid them in leading and supporting their country. Although there are many qualities that are good, I believe that there are five core qualities of a good leader.  These core qualities help the leader connect with the people, negotiate with others, and help them to have the strength to do what is right, even if it’s hard. From prime ministers to mayors, these qualities can be found in the best leaders.

How can you lead your people, if you don’t know there needs and wants? It’s important to be connected to your people. This means that the leader knows what his people want and need. This means that the leader pays attention to the opinions of his subordinates, solving issues that people need solving. An example of this would be if the people had issues with potholes, the local government would fill in the potholes.

Another quality would be Charisma. A charismatic person is good with words; everything they say and do is evocative. He would be able to inspire his people into achieving what seems to them as impossible or engage people in a topic that would otherwise not interest them. An example of a charismatic person would be Mark Scharenbroich. Mark is incredibly good at grabbing your attention and keeping it. He has inspired thousands of people with his speeches. He may not be a political leader, but he is a true example of charisma.

The third quality of a good political leader is Fortitude. This quality would help leaders to stand strong for what is right, and help them to withstand criticism. Leaders that have this strength are able to stand steadfast on certain policies they deem important and needed, despite the backlash. An example of someone with fortitude would be Donald Trump. Despite the backlash, he goes through with his agenda. (He just needs a bit more of the last quality.)

A leader that doesn’t know what he’s doing, is probably a bad leader. It’s important that the leader has a background knowledge of what he is doing. This intelligence helps the leader make decisions and understand the consequences of the decision and the ins and outs of what they are enacting. If you were to enact a new form of tax, you would have to consider the repercussions. This tax may harm those who can’t afford it or destroy small businesses and get people to lose their jobs. Does this tax help the people? Does this tax help the economy? This kind of comprehension is crucial.

The final and most important is Good Judgement. This is the ability to know when to apply your qualities, and where. Maybe standing steadfast against the backlash is bad, maybe they’re mad for a reason. Maybe I need to listen to the people more. Maybe this law will help the people in the long run, but it does to much short-term damage. All I’m trying to say is that these five core qualities are found in the best of leaders, it’s a shame that you can’t find much of it in our modern leaders.