Digital Storytelling | Create a T-shirt

For today’s assignment, I decided to try making a T-Shirt. ( I decided to do a “Lord of the Flies” Themed shirt of the conch, one of the primary symbols of the book.


So what I worked on at first was the centerpiece of the design, the conch, For this, I would use the star tool to create a shape, then I would manipulate it to my desired shape.



To access the star tool hold on the rectangle tool after you do this a menu will appear which shows the shape creating tools you have access too, you’ll select the star tool.

After all that, this is how the conch turned out.

Pretty crappy, but ok.


After this, I created the backdrop using mainly the rectangle tool and the star tool. I decided to go for an aqua blue color scheme because it fits the tropical setting of the book. After putting it together with the conch, this is what it looks like so far.

The rectangle makes up the bar in the back and the diamond two layers behind the conch. The star tool was used to make the double diamond kind of shape right behind the conch, and the flaring bits behind the diamond.





And for the finishing touch, the caption. I used the font Didot because it fits theĀ aesthetic of the image. And after all that, we have our final design!



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