Digital Storytelling | Motivational Poster

For my assignment, I decided to try making a motivational poster. (

For this I used Illustrator

I started by creating the main text, the first thing you read on the poster. I decided to go with “Hopes and Dreams” because it sounds kind motivational. For the title, I used one text box for the center of the text, and two others for the letters on the outside. The reason I did this is that it seems to be common for motivational posters to do this, so I just rolled with the stereotype. For the font, I used Times New Roman. After this, I added a small rectangle underneath the text for effect. After all that you get this!

Lookin pretty good.


After this, I got my main image. I just searched for an image of a guy standing on a mountain, no joke. Then I used this image.

Looks pretty motivational to me.




After this, I made the final component, the quote. I used a very nice quote from President¬†Theodore Roosevelt, “believe¬†you can and your half way there”. For my font, I used times new roman.


After all this, I assembled my main components in the standard layout, the image on top, the title underneath, then the quote. After this, you have your standard motivational poster.


You can stop here, but I decided to add some extra finishing touches just to jazz things up. Instead of the traditional black background, I used a blurred version of the main image to lighten the image.

To access the blur tool, select the image you want to blur and then go to the effects tab and select blur. I used a radial blur.

After this, I added a light border around the main image, for this I made a rectangle and applied the radial blur to it. After this, I have my final image.


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