Respond to the Story | The Michelle I Know

Respond to The Story

Who was the hero in the story?: The main character of the story is Michelle, however, I think the true hero of the story would be Claude. Claude went out of his way to help Michelle feel better about herself, even though he’s horribly ill. Even if Claude was close to death, he still took the time to help Michelle. If anyone was a hero in this story, it would be Claude.

What is the turning point? In what way does Michelle change?:  The turning point of the story is the point of the story where the main character makes the single most important choice, not only does it change the outcome of the entire book, it also changes the character as a person. In our story, Michelle experiences this when she was talking to Claude. She chose to ask him a question that she thought about for a long time, “Do you ever feel like sometimes you’d rather die than be poked by one more needle.” This moment will later help Michelle to be open to Rob, it helped her to change back to her normal self. This moment of the book, though small, changed everything.

What is the overall message and mood?: The mood of the story is sombre but hopeful, which fits the overall message of the story. I think that the message of the story is that even through the toughest times in your life;  If you lost a loved one, you feel miserable for no reason, even if you have cancer, you have to stay strong, don’t hurt yourself. If you linger in the darkness, you’ll hurt yourself. You have to rise above the hardships and work past them. I think that this message is important for everybody. Everybody in their lives has experienced a moment a moment of hardship, and it’s important that they can deal with it.

Why is humour an important part of this story?: It shows the light in the darkest moments of her life. It also shows her inability to see the good moments in life. Michelle is in the darkest time in her life. The humour also lightens up the mood for what would be a depressing story without it. From a writing standpoint, the humour makes the story more palatable for readers that don’t enjoy darker stories. I myself, don’t really enjoy sad stories, but the humour made The Michelle I Know a better experience for me.

Why do you think Alison Lohans calls her story “The Michelle I Know”?: When people experience these dark times, it changes them. It changes the way they talk, their view of the world, even who they are. When Rob in the book talks about “The Michelle I Know,” she’s talking about the old Michelle, the Michelle she knew.’

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