Story Craft | The Michelle I Know


This is the point of the story where we’re introduced to the characters, but most importantly, Michelle. We’re also introduced to the main problem of the story, Michelle’s leukemia. We’re also shown her frustration with her looks and suicidal thoughts. We’re able to understand the oppressive environment of the hospital.

Rising Action: 

This is when she hears about her secret admirer, Claude. She goes to him at first disappointed but then impressed with his levity despite his affliction.


The climax is the point where she asks her burning question. She asks Claude if he too feels that he’d “rather die than be poked by another needle.” Claude then helps her through her emotions. I find this moment touching. That someone with a similar issue helps the other. It’s really sweet.

Falling Action:

This is when she talks to her friend. She confronts him about going to the dance with another girl. He calms her down by explaining what actually happened. Michelle, understanding what was happening, calms down. She excepts what’s happening and returns back to her normal self, The Michelle I know.