Digital Storytelling | Riptire Tshirt

For this assignment, I decided to do an Overwatch themed Tshirt

Assignment link (

For this project, I used Adobe Illustrator.

To start, I found a picture online of the symbol I needed

After this, I live traced it and turned it into a vector.

If you aren’t happy with the default trace, you can select from the other presets provided.

All of the presets have their own unique kind of style.




If you’re happy with what you have, hit the Live Paint button to finalize the vector.


After this, I wanted a custom font, so I downloaded a .ttf file (A font file) from Reddit. Just be careful when downloading things from the internet.

Here the file


After this, I put them together.   I used the font with the “Type on Path Tool” to create a sort of curve. Then I also added a line using the pen tool.


To find this tool, hold on the “Text tool” and you’ll have an array of options, select the “Type on Path Tool”.





After this, I added a dust effect in the background. I did this using the star tool to make the base of the shape, then I added circles to make the dust look a little more like… dust. Here’s what It looks like so far.


After this, I colored everything orange to create the final image. This would go on a black T-shirt.

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