Stoics Reign on Caesar’s Parade

What is the Feast of Lupercal? Why would it have any appeal to an Epicurean? A Stoic?

The feast of Lupercal is this celebration for fertility. It starts with the slaughtering of a goat, then the young when running around the city slapping women with the goatskin, I couldn’t make that up even if I tried. The appeal of this event to the epicurean is the party aspect of the ritual, the running around Rome naked slapping women kind of party. The more stoic side is the cleaning of the home and the cleansing of oneself.

Are Marullus and Flavius more Epicurean or Stoic in their response to the citizens’ preparations for Caesar’s victory parade?

They are definitely stoic. They respond to the people’s celebration with disgust. If they were epicurean, they would probably join in with them.

How do the citizens behave throughout the scene? Initially are they Stoic or Epicurean? How do they leave?

At first, the citizens are more epicurean, they respond to Flavius jokingly. However, when they were ordered to leave they left with stoicism, excepting the shame quietly and leaving.

Predict Caesar’s response to Marullus and Flavius driving away the vulgar herd.

He would be very angry with them, after all, they were celebrating on Caesers word. When Marullus and Flavius tell them to go home, they are undermining Caesar’s authority. And they challenge the people when they praise Caesar, which is a slap in the face for Caesar

Who killed Pompey? What is a Triumvirate? Why was the First Triumvirate “unofficial”? Who forms the Second Triumvirate?

Caesar killed Pompey which was one of the first triumvirates. A triumvirate is a group of three powerful people. Pompey, Ceasar, Crassis were the first triumvirate unofficially because it was the first historians could date back to, but triumvirates could very possibly exist before “The First Triumvirate” ever came to be.

What other questions can you raise about Act 1, Scene 1?

What happens to Marullus and Flavius?

Why do the people not care that Pompey died?

Why does the Feast of Lupercal even exist?


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