Hungry for Change Blog Post

  • We learnt that all fats isn’t bad for you, you need some kinds. So when you eats fat free foods, your starving yourself of healthy fats.
  • Most foods that are sugar free, use chemical substitutes such as glucose, fructose corn syrup, or aspartame.
  • It’s easier to do a diet, when your viewing it in a positive light. Rather then telling yourself “You can’t eat bad food”, tell yourself “Let’s add good food.

Sleep challenge

DAY ONE | Feb 14 | Slept at: 9:28 | Woke up: 7:30 |

It was a bit hard to adjust to the new sleep schedule, but after a couple minutes, I fell asleep, and when I woke up I slept great! I woke up refreshed! I felt great throughout the day.

DAY TWO | Feb 15 | Slept at: 9:43 | Woke up: 7:30 |

It was a bit hard to go to sleep but when I woke up, I could get right up instead of falling right back asleep. And through the day I stayed awake

DAY THREE | Feb 16 | Slept at: 9:45 | Woke up: 7:30 |

I slept at the right time, but I slept badly. I’m pretty tired, but the sleep challenge did help at first.

Do you regret doing the sleep challenge?

The sleep challenge truly helped, and I think I’ll stick with this new sleep schedule.

Making Decisions Blog Post – What would you change

Before bed, when we should all be sleeping, I felt it was the right time to go on my iPad and mess around with my Steam account. It grew late, and all my brothers were fast asleep, but I was still up. I thought for a moment, “I should go to sleep” but I carried on until it got late, I put my iPad down and went to sleep. When I woke up the next day, I could barely keep my eyes open. This was a bad decision.

Using the new decision methods we learned in health class with Ms. Gupta, I would’ve evaluated the consequences. Consequences would be that if I stayed up late, I would be tired in the day, but if I didn’t I wouldn’t get to go on my iPad. Another thing to do is examine. Also see how it will affect things that are important to us, for example, I care about my grades, if I’m tired and drowsy because I didn’t sleep, my grades would suffer. It could also hurt my memory, sleep is the time where all short term memories are put to long term memory. If I don’t sleep, it can interfere with this process. Evaluating the risks now, I would’ve decided to put the iPad down, and sleep.

myBlueprint: Who Am I? Personality Survey

When I took the personality quiz, It said I was “The Healer” It also said I was an INFP, Introverted, iNuiting, Feeling, and Perceiving. This means I am creative, artistic, idealistic and spiritual. It says that INFP’s believe everybody is uniquely individual. Always optimistic, they focus their energy on remaining positive and follow their hearts when making a decision. They are spontaneous, quirky, and independent and use their personal beliefs and values as a guide for their actions. I can agree with this. I’m really creative, artistic, and spiritual.


Discover your spiritual gift

myBlueprint: Who Am I? Learning Styles Survey

The way I use my brain is mostly for making scenarios, like if I was a programmer, what kind of games would I make, or what would they be about. And other times I just plan what i’m gonna do in the future.
I stink at remembering things I read, unless I find it interesting, then I’ll be okay, this is why I can’t just read through the social textbook to study.
For me, I’m HORRIBLE with names, even the people I know, I still manage to mix their names up. When I came to school, I’ve called Mrs Moore, “Mom”  for a two months. For a while when I was 4 or 5, I didn’t know my dad’s name, I thought his name was, dad, it’s sad, but true.
From the survey I took, i’m a Visual-Auditory Learner, this means I learn by listening, and seeing. I think this is understandable. I like things being explained to me, and them showing how it’s done.

Crystal was here December 16th

Crystal came to our class today, she talked about role models. She explained that her role model was Justin Bieber. She said that he was his role model because he started a charity program, and he’s a Christian. she also said that a role model doesn’t have to be a super star, she gave Mama Hill as an example, she was a loving caring person who would help everyone.

We were also asked to write our  role models. One of my role models are probably my dad. When we came to Canada, we came with nothing, and my dad, managed to get us back to where we are today, and my dad is a very nice, and humble person, and I don’t know what i’d do without him. Another role model might be Markipier, aka Mark Fischbach. He had such a hard life, yet he manages to become so successful, even through his hardships. (And he’s really cool)

Crystal was here December 9

Crystal came at December 9th, in class, we discussed about attention. During class we watched three videos about awareness and attention. In the first two videos, they make you count the passes of a ball between one team. While in the background something happens, but you miss it because your paying attention to the passing.

In the third video, a man named Derren Brown preformed an experiment on unsuspecting targets. He’d ask a person for directions to a place. In the middle of them talking, a person would walk in the way and they’d switch spots. The person helping with directions doesn’t even know the switch even happened.

Crystal was here December 2nd

Crystal came today and discussed with our class about positive self-talk. Positive self-talk is when you encourage yourself, by talking to yourself. An example would be if you did badly on a test, I would tell myself “At least you tried”. This is one of the videos Crystal showed us a video. In this video a little girl is talking to herself in the mirror giving herself a pep-talk.

I’ll be doing something similar, called positive blogging. Positive blogging is when you point out good things about yourself.

A moment where I were felt proud of myself would be when I published a level on a popular video game, and it got put as being one of the top levels.

One thing I think I do well is drawing. I love to drawing and learning new ways of drawing. It’s amazing how you know what you want to draw, yet it comes out not the way you want it. You wanted to draw a person, but it comes out as a blob of graphite. For me, I practice till my smiley face doesn’t look like it’s hiding a depression.

A responsibility I enjoy having would be being in charge of a project. Any project that involves computers, drawing, or creating anything is fun for me. However I dislike being dragged around in these situations. When I have an idea, I want my idea, I’m willing to accept mods for my idea, but I don’t like my ideas put down. It’s kind of selfish (sorry, really selfish) but that’s the way I think.

A thing I like about myself is my creativity. It helps me with a lot of things. It helps me to find new ideas in an old one. Some people think “What is it”, I like to think “What it can be”. I think for creativity, I sacrifice my concentration. One minute i’m thinking “what’s the square root of ninety-two” the minute i’m thinking of what it’s like to be in space.

Some positive things people say about me is that i’m smart, or that I have good ideas. Most people think that there not as good as they really are. I keep telling myself I’m not good at drawing, but others say that i’m really good. I try to keep my expectations down so I don’t think my drawings are perfect, so I try to improve.