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The qualities that I look for in a friend is not just the basic things like hanging around with me but being involved with my life, Not actually with my life at home and other places but at like school they hangout with me and like to be around me so I guess that SupportiveĀ  would be in my best interest. Than probably honest because being honest is a big thing in a friends relationship. With me because if you are the biggest liar in the school I’m not going to want to be friends with you. Because if I had told you something very important to tell someone and you twist it its not on you anymore its on me because I had told you something important. Next would be responsible because if you cant care and take time on things that you wanted than but not know because people in the class told you it wasn’t right or cool to do that thing that I’m doing and you were doing to have fun than NO I’m not going to be your friend.


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