Luke 14:25-33 it the same because the renivations are crazy and hectic like the passage

Wisdom is having the knowledge, experience, and good judgement to make the right choices.

1 Kings 3:16-28           Wisdom is shown in shown in this passage by the lord and the mother of the child that’s still alive in the passage. The lord knew that if he said he was going to split the son in half, that the real mother would rather give her son to the other mother then watch him get split. The mom did exactly what the lord wanted her to do, so the lord could tell which mom is which.

2 Kings 5:1-14             Elisha shows wisdom by sending a messenger to Naaman saying to go wash in the Jordan seven times, Naaman’s servants also show wisdom by talking him into washing in the Jordan River and trusting Elisha.

Matthew 8:5-13        This passage shows wisdom because the centurion trusts the lord will heal his servant and it is shown by the lord because the centurion had such faith in his army that he didn’t have full trust in the lord entering under his roof.

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